Business Services – Agile Development

Our Business Services practice stitches the 3 important aspects of a project together.

We understand that early delivery is not enough. Keeping the project cost under control while delivering the essential requirement at the right time, with great quality is what results in the real value. We believe in matching the right talent with appropriate requirements and sustain it with regular review and adaptation.

VLink Enablers:

We provide the catalyst to the project i.e. business analysts who work right from scope identification, gap analysis, a feasibility study to gathering detailed requirements.Our business analysts work with technical teams, identify risks, impacts, help plan, manage and maintain the deliverables.

Business Analysis cannot be a reactive skill. We use a broader approach; systems thinking! We access all impacts and provide strategic solutions over tactical ones. Our analysts believe in always being a step ahead of the project. They become cross-functional team players to fill in the gaps where ever required and ensure timely deliverables. Our analysts understand that proper documentation always leaves a trail for anyone to chase and quickly maintain a project from where it was left.

VLink Sustainers:

Our management professionals are trained in both traditional and iterative way of executing a project. They in both styles know that the essence of a successful project is creating an environment that allows people to perform at their best. Our professionals build and sustain the project to deliver maximum value, keeping processes simple to follow and maintain. They act as the ‘change agents’ for the organization and help spread the learning, best practices with other teams to perform, align and deliver as one big team.


Regardless of the size or complexity, we recommend to carry out all projects in an iterative Agile methodology. This flexible, iterative and practical way of working has proved its success repeatedly across all industries, by delivering maximum and quick value to the business and end customer.

We can help you in process improvement, implementation and the transition from flexible agile to true agile. Our certified experts can coach and train your teams and individuals. We also provide certified experts that can prove extreme value to the entire mix.

All our business services are backed up by a strong practice that provides consistent best practices and supports our projects and resources. We continually improve ourselves and ensure thorough and high-quality services.

Agile Services

To Go Agile, Be Agile!

Increase your profitability, boost your efficiency, prioritize your segments for efficient outcomes and avoid bottlenecks by steering your organization towards Lean Agile Methodologies with VLink as our experts embed in your teams to train and coach your personnel.

Our experts recommend the appropriate methodologies depending on the size and nature of the project.  We support companies to learn, adapt to, and transform into Agile without disrupting their usual businesses.

We assess the existing practices in your organization, present valuable recommendations, and assist you in making the right decision in adopting Agile practices that improve the efficiency and profitability of your organization. Also, we offer implementation, coaching, and augmentation services.


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