Strategic Workforce Management

Contingent Workforce Solutions

Most IT projects require highly specific skill sets that may or may not exist on your staff. Whether you need contract resources or want to evaluate a candidate before making a full-time addition, we focus on recruiting for niche technologies and bringing you exceptionally motivated specialists that will mesh with your technology needs and your existing corporate environment.

Our team members are more than traditional recruiters and most have strong technology backgrounds.

We work hard to understand the specific skills you need, the technologies you use, the problems you are working to solve, and the need for a good fit with your company culture.

We are able to respond nimbly and quickly because we draw from a wide universe of top-tier professionals both on- and off-shore. Above all, we look for people who will flourish in your company culture. You can choose from a select group of candidates with the knowledge and the attitude that your organization requires.

Every candidate we recommend has to deliver on VLink’s promise:  The right skills, the right chemistry, and the right results—on time and under budget!

Direct Hire Staffing

With the investment you make in a full-time hire, you not only want the best-qualified candidate, you want the best fit. Businesses choose us because, first and foremost, we specialize in advanced technology placements. Our recruiters have worked in the field themselves. They know that you need someone who complements your team dynamics, key business priorities, corporate culture and vision for the future.

Because we draw from both on- and off-shore contacts, we can greatly expand your universe of candidates including talent that might not ordinarily be available for consideration. Our long experience and proprietary processes help us quickly identify the people who have demonstrated the character, reliability, technical aptitude and analytical skills you demand. Our technology consulting practice works with our recruiting team to ensure that our candidates are fully vetted for your organization.

Our clients see us as an extension of their own human resources departments. We manage every step, from the first interview through the negotiations. It is a sharply focused approach that reduces the time, complexity and cost of recruiting for niche talent—and delivers better ROI.