DevOps Trends 2020

We’ve covered the DevOps topic quite a bit as an emerging technology in 2019. The collaborations happening during the development and operations phase have transformed the speed of project completion and helped businesses to exceed goals. The enterprise software development process will continue to be positively affected by DevOps well into the New Year.
According to Grandview Research, the global DevOps market size is expected to reach $12.85B by 2025 – an over 18 percent CAGR. In 2020, we’ll see a closer relationship occur between teams and a shift in the workplace landscape as a result.
Here are the top 3 DevOps trends we’ll see in 2020.

1. We’ll See Even More Collaboration Happening

The traditional methods of each department remaining soiled and focused only on their own part in the puzzle are moving farther and farther out of the picture. Today, digital-first businesses of all sizes are focusing on making their entire operations more agile.

2. There will be New Job Roles Opening Up

In order to fulfill all of the new requirements in digital workplaces, new software and technologies are inevitable. Having a workforce in-house able to re-skill their talents to meet new requirements is key. This is being seen more and more in the workplace as an alternative to bringing in new hires.

3. A Change in How Completed Projects are Viewed with DevOps

One of the chief benefits of DevOps is speedier project completion times. Now, teams are starting to view this goal in a new light. In addition to more quickly completing software builds, value is being placed on how the completion of the project helps with the larger goal of the overall company. Instead of an item checked off their list, teams are finding the big picture value in their completed work.
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January 21, 2020

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