What to Ask When Moving Data to the Cloud

Over the last decade, the benefits of the cloud have made their way across the globe. Different verticals and industries are realizing the benefits of the hosted environment for communications, cost savings and even to improve data storage. If you’re planning a data migration to the cloud, you may be wondering what steps are critical, so you don’t miss the mark on success.
Strategy is at the core of successful implementations and is also necessary to maintain security and compliance in regulated industries. To ensure the process is a smooth one, here are 4 important questions to ask when moving data to the cloud.

1. What is the End Goal?

You cannot put a plan in place without first knowing what you’d like it to achieve. When it comes to migrating your business’ data to the cloud, you need a way to gauge success from and something to work towards. Understanding these goals will make it easier to select technology and other actions to put in place throughout the process.

2. How Much Data Do You Have?

Since data can come from many different sources within the business, it makes sense to understand what kind of data you’re dealing with and also where it’s all coming from. Having this overall understanding of data before the move will reduce surprises and hold-ups to ensure all necessary access is granted for the move.

3. Are All Necessary Securities in Place?

Security should top the list for any business; however, in regulated industries where compliance is mandatory, ensuring you take all the proper precautions before, during and after the data migration process is critical. In many cases migrating personally identifiable information such as credit card numbers is not necessary for data analysis so keeping it out of the data being moved over is important. You’ll also want to be sure the vendor you’re working with is maintaining all the latest security measures to protect private data.

4. Will My Employees Need Training?

If you depend on internal teams to handle the data migration task, you’ll need to know if they can handle it. If they are used to only working with on-premises tools, they may need new training or a refresher on how to use the required tools for successful cloud migration.
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February 17, 2020

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