Project Manager

Waterville, MAINE, US

Software Project Manager

Nashville, TENNESSEE, US

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Germantown, MARYLAND, US

Java Developer


Sr. Technical Analyst


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Why do so many people find a home with VLink? It’s more than our office parties and picnics — VLink has a sense of social responsibility that we pass on to all our team members.

We try to make a difference beyond solving our clients’ most pressing IT challenges. We’refilled with a spirit of enabling change for good, primarily through technology. Whether that’s helping youths embrace a STEM program or joining the global community to attack a health crisis, we feel we have a moral responsibility to apply our talent where it’s most needed.

Employee Testimonial

“I am fortunate to be part of the VLink family ever since I started my career.  VLink has provided me opportunities to serve prestigious clients across industries on their tactical projects.  It will be a thrilling experience to continue to grow with the most amazing team many years to come.”

Alisa Feng Xu
Business Analyst

“Your contributions are valued, and you can make a difference from any position. We also have an excellent benefits package. I look forward to have a long and a successful career at VLink.”

Anees Hameed-
Lead Analyst

“The best part of VLink is the team spirit from the bottom to top management.  I work in an excellent environment that allows continuous learning to enhance skill sets.”

Nitika Garg
Project Manager

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