What does Data Engineering & Visualization Mean?

Data engineering is the process of building a data pipeline that determines the flow of data within the enterprise. Where will data be collected from? Where to store such huge volumes of data? How will this data be cleaned and structured? In which format will this data reach data scientists? How will the analytics be shared with employees?

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Benefits of Data Engineering
Services & Visualization

Build modern data pipelines on-premises and on the cloud
Preparing data for data lakes and performing the ELT
Generate accurate insights and predictions
Data presentation in interactive formats
System integration in every department of the enterprise
Access cloud services and take the business to the next level
Unlock the power of big data and reap the benefits of the data-driven approach
Digital transformation across the enterprise
Make faster and better decisions based on valid insights and reports
Increase the return on investment

Our Data Engineering & Visualization
Services Approach

Designing and developing data architecture based on the existing business systems
Aligning data collection methods and bringing the data to one central location
Building data silos to store historical and real-time data
Optimizing the data architecture to solve the intended business problems
Identifying new ways and sources of data collection
Improving the quality of collected data and structuring it
Future-proofing the data architecture model
Migrating legacy systems to the cloud
Building data lakes with serverless pipelines
Maintaining and upgrading the data architecture

Our Offerings

Data lakes and big
data analytics

Mobile apps on
various OS



ETL – Extract, Transform,
and Load Data


Visualization and
instrumentation tools

API, Java, J2EE, and

Turn Our Solutions into Success

Why VLink For Your Data Visualization Services



Understanding our clients

Expertise in various domains

Custom solutions

Open and continuous communication

Affordability & Flexibility

Data & Analytics Tools and Technologies


  • Kafka

  • Flume

  • Storm

  • Azure Data bricks

  • Apache Spark

  • Azure Data Pipelines

  • Azure Synapse


  • Hive

  • Cassandra

  • Presto

  • Apache Athena

  • Dynamo DB

  • Red Shift

  • RDS

  • Mongo DB

  • Parque


  • Informatica

  • Pentaho

  • Talend

  • SSIS

  • Kafka

  • Teradata

  • Python

  • IBM Datastage


  • SSAS

  • R

  • SPSS

  • Mat Lab

  • SAS

  • JMP

  • DOMO

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The name also means data engineering or information engineering or IT engineering. It is the process of designing, managing, optimizing, and monitoring IT systems and software to streamline data flow in an enterprise. Data engineering services include:

  • Big Data Solutions 
  • Data Architecture – Design, Deploy, and Maintain 
  • Data Infrastructure Scalability and Modernization 
  • Data Transformation 
  • Data engineering as a Service (Cloud Solutions) 

Big data is a prominent keyword in the industry. It is used by almost everyone. But what does big data mean?

Big data is a field of IT that collects, cleans, processes, and analyzes vast information in real-time. Datasets that cannot be processed by the traditional system, which are too huge, complex, and unstructured for legacy systems, are termed big data. Big data relies on five Vs:

  • A huge volume of data 
  • A large variety of data from multiple sources 
  • The high velocity of data added in real-time 
  • The veracity of data due to its complex nature 

Value of data after it has been cleaned and analyzed 

VLink is the best data engineering services provider in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and the northeast US. We provide cost-effective, flexible, and scalable services to our clients. We have 15+ years of experience in the field and have worked with many SMEs and large-scale enterprises. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders who believe in using the latest technology.

Data visualization is the process of generating interactive reports for actionable insights and data analytics. A data visualization consultant collects data from several sources, explores and analyses the data, and generates reports based on various parameters.

The reports can be changed in real-time by altering the fields or adding/removing existing filters. The reports are generated in a highly functional dashboard. Data visualization consultants use special tools for visualizations, such as Tableau, Power BI, Datawrapper, Zoho Analytics, etc. The primary job of the consultant is to make sense of the collected data and present it in an easy-to-understand format.

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