Here are some frequently asked questions we receive when clients look for the IT solutions or hire software developers.
About VLink: Why Should I hire Software Developers onshore, nearshore, or offshore with VLink?

Typically, it takes us 4-5 weeks to build a 5-member team.

With fully managed process, attrition is lower by 50-75%.

We are 500+ software engineers team skilled with emerging technologies.
Is VLink Inc an ISO-Certified company?
VLink Services: What are our other Services besides Hiring Software Developers and Development teams?
VLink Services: What are our other Services besides Hiring Software Developers and Development teams?
  • UI/UX, Web Development & Mobile Apps using emerging technologies
  • Data & Analytics, Data Science
  • Re-engineering Legacy Systems & Apps
  • DevOps & Automation
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • QA & Testing
  • Maintenance & Support
I only want to hire one software developer, not an entire team, can you help?
I want to hire a large development team, can you help?
What are the costs associated with setting up or hiring a team?
Will the hired developers, project managers be working in our time zone?
Is the developer trial period completely free for 40-hrs?
How long does it take VLink to start building a software development team?
What Programming Languages/technologies do you work with?
What Types of IT/Tech Professionals can you help me hire?
What are the hiring engagement options and where do the software developers work from?
  • Dedicated Developers - Monthly basis or Hours/ Month
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Project Basis
What sort of HR/Administrative support do you provide for your clients?
How do you make sure that my intellectual property stays secure?
Are software maintenance and support services provided after deployment?
VLink’s Process: How to Hire Software Developers with VLink?
Send Your Requirement
Interviews with Pre-Vetted Profiles
Hiring, Onboarding to Start Work
Fully Managed Support
Do you provide back-ups for backouts? If any existing team member is unavailable or has plans to move-on?
How much do you charge for recruitment & hiring?
How do you attract IT talent?
Are there any cancellation fees if we decide to stop working with VLink?
Tell Us About Your IT Project or Resource Requirements