The insurance industry is a challenging landscape. Disruptions regularly occur from the constant changes in consumer needs, preferences, and demographics along with the evolution of digital technologies and the rise of Insurtech innovations.

In today’s complex world the insurance companies are continually under tremendous pressure to not only attract and retain customers but also to manage risks, reduce costs, increase efficiency all while constantly improving customer service operations.


IT services for the insurance industry

But how can you aggressively invest in transformational projects that will add needed innovation your business while also maintaining the status quo of day-to-day business for your customers? That dilemma is one which many insurers struggle with and a key area of development which we have successfully provided solutions for.

Those insurers that discover and can maintain this delicate balance will ultimately be able to outperform their competitors. By developing new business operating models and leveraging emerging digital capabilities while also delivering an unparalleled customer experience and positioning their companies for long-term growth, they are truly staying ahead in the game.

Our consultants have years of experience working within insurance companies which provides valuable insights into the challenges and problems that are faced. This knowledge combined with our expertise in IT allows us to help you not only compete but also to win in the digital economy.

IT services for the insurance industry



SimplyEDI is a HIPAA compliant X12 schema validating tool which not only allows business users to view the complex EDI files in readable English but also create, edit, export, validate them as required. With SimplyEDI’s intuitive EDI parsing, editing, and validation features, business users can eliminate the downtime and interruption caused by inefficient EDI processes.