Leveraging technology to reach your goals of lower costs, improved quality and faster time to market.
Digital Transformation in manufacturing is moving at an incredible pace and you don’t want to be left behind. There is not a manufacturing concern of note that is not embracing IT in some capacity in order to succeed. That doesn’t mean just a slick website. It means adopting advanced technology throughout the line, including with your workforce-turning data into actionable insights and creating supply chain and inventory management platforms that transform your business.
Digital Transformation Challenges in Manufacturing


Local & Global

technologies like IoT

The Need for

Labor vs.

Huge Data
Looking for a solution to overcome your challenges?
Succeed with Our Solutions
Order automation
Imagine a purpose-built app that provides you with synchronized orders, available inventory, payment gateways and more.
Supply chain automation
We can develop AI tools for you that keep your pipelines filled with the right inventory at the right time for the right price.
See things in a new way
Information is power. And data visualization that gives you betterinsights can lead directly to your bottom line.
Apps within your apps
Microservices and tools that refine your existing technological base can make the difference between succeeding and surviving.
Quality Technology Talent When You Need It
Full-Stack Developers​
Minimum of 5+ years of experience designing & developing powerful digital solutions.
Cloud/DevOps Resources
Developers for scripting and driving IT infrastructure management with reliable, secure, and scalable cloud-computing solutions.
UI/UX Designers
With creative UI/UX skills, our team amazes with the ease of navigation, responsiveness, and user-friendliness as priorities.
QA Testers, Business Analyst
Expert Business analysts & QA’a collaborate in a test-driven development approach.
Product Managers
Certified Product owners drive your software product deliveries with gains in time-to-market and expert quality.
Emerging Data Engineers
Data science capabilities in AI/ML and data analytic to leverage the power of data for data-driven insights.
Creating Value Faster with Your Custom Needs
A unique approach to starting your software development project with VLink. Your business is unique, and one size does not fit all. That's why we use our efficient and flexible 5-stage software development process to assess your needs and meet your demands.
In the Discovery Phase, we learn how your company operates today and your future operational goals, assessing the need to hire a few developers or an entire dedicated team. We perform an in-depth analytical understanding of your business. We deliver a high-level strategic plan that recommends optimal technology for your IT landscape to maximize performance and ROI.
The Design Phase is a critical part of our entire software development process. Here we map out system components and workflow processes to ensure you meet your team objectives. We present mock-ups of screens and workflows to understand better how your end-product will look and feel. Doing these activities helps minimize the chances of costly change requests during project development.
We make your vision a reality in the Development Phase. At VLink, we combine robust architectural designs with repeatable, standardized development processes into a fully-customized software solution to align with project objectives.
The implementation process will start after the initial development is complete and your team has used the system in a testing environment to ensure feasibility and efficiency before the final delivery. Our team will do an end-to-end configuration of your systems from the on-premises or Cloud-based server environment and across devices.
Along with the ever-changing digital era, you may need to accommodate changing technology requirements with new features in existing systems or build new ones. VLink will always provide maintenance and support after your system has gone live. We collaborate to offer optimization in your IT environment with our support services.
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