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Gain the digital edge & transform with our strategic IT consultant services.

Scale Up Projects with Custom IT Consulting Services

As a leading IT consulting company, VLink delivers customized software development consulting, leveraging our wealth of technical expertise that provides effective IT strategies for digital transformation.
We focus on strategies that automate processes to reduce costs, improve productivity, and efficiency, and digitally transform your enterprise for competitive gains.
Gain competitive advantages on your digital transformation journey
IT Consulting Services by VLink
VLink offers a comprehensive range of information technology consulting services starting from strategic IT planning and budgeting to help with hiring dedicated developers and cross-functional teams for custom software development, quality assurance & testing services, and more.
IT Strategy & Planning
Our Strategic planning and IT consulting services enhance core competitive strength, with the right decisions to invest in scalable technologies aligned for tomorrow.
Custom Application Development
We know every enterprise is different. Our tech talent pool has immense experience developing tailored software solutions that address your business challenges.
Cloud Computing
Our Cloud solutions drive digital transformation with innovative applications and flexible solutions, offering business agility, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity.
Mobile & Web Development
VLink’s software development consulting services include customized app development across trending mobile and web platforms. As one of the premium IT consulting companies, we incorporate Standards-compliant solutions with high performance.
Software Support and Maintenance
We offer 24x7 support services for apps and software, including maintenance services. Our ongoing maintenance includes bug-tracking and fixing, essential feature enhancement, and technology upgrades.
Re-engineering Legacy Systems
Our legacy software re-engineering services deliver a modern solution with optimized software architecture and better performance with the latest suitable programming languages and integration.
Our Clients
Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies and small to medium enterprises.
Our Clients
Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies and small to medium enterprises.
Move-In the Right Direction with Your IT Investments.
Benefits of IT Consulting with VLink

Technology Expertise
You gain optimal solutions with the latest emerging technical solutions, tools, and capabilities your organization requires.

Faster project completion
Minimal time to get up to speed boosted with the right blend of experience, skills, tech tools for every project with 24x7 time zone alignment and attrition management.

Cost savings
Hire experts offshore, onshore or nearshore, with up to 50% cost savings. Get a risk-free, 40-hrs no-cost developer trial to evaluate the performance before you hire.

Increased productivity
Over 500 expert software engineers that improve productivity by refining workflows processes with automation.

Secure & Improved processes
Our software development consulting team ensures to deliver technical expertise using industry best practices. VLink, an IT consulting firm headquartered in Connecticut adheres to strict US IP regulations.

Skilled Resources
A large highly talented pool with available on-demand certified consultants ready to deliver successful business solutions.
Let Our Expert IT Consultants Guide You with an Optimal Solution
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Our Partners
No project is too small, no client is too big for us. Our clients range from innovative start-ups to SMB’s and large Fortune 500 enterprises.
We work with major industries. The list of industries we serve is too vast; Here’s a small sample of the kind of companies that are clients of our firm: Software Products, Manufacturing, Baking and Financial, Healthcare, Healthcare Insurance, Education/EdTech, Engineering, transportation/Logistics, Media & Entertainment and Telecom.
Because each client is different, we have many engagement models. We’re committed to delivering the best results. We provide our clients with cost estimates with a limit before beginning any project. We collaborate with our clients to understand their specific business needs. We follow it up with an outline of our plan of action and the associated costs for implementation.
We service customers across all geographies globally and have offices in U.S., India and Indonesia.

Typically, our clients may experience the following scenarios:

  1. Struggling with business challenges that is holding their company back from achieving higher profitability and growth.
  2. Challenges in scaling their business or implementing a growth plan that delivers expected outcomes.
  3. The company has outgrown its traditional business processes, causing problems with business operations (errors, increased costs, unreliable results, slower than expected output)


Our no-risk free consultation is not a sales call. We provide full transparency to our company profile and have an open dialogue to understand your business challenges and areas we could help your business. Our firm has solid values and believes that ‘our success is helping you be successful.
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