Staff Augmentation Services in CT

VLink offers trustworthy and affordable Staff Augmentation Services, Connecticut, to help you find excellent candidates for the job. The terms of recruitment and the duration of the job are in your control. You can hire candidates:

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Most Qualified IT Resources to Strengthen Your Business

VLink deals with the most Qualified Candidates of Connecticut from the IT industry. We know which candidate would be the right choice to strengthen your organization and help expand your business.

On-Demand Services

We offer on-demand services to all our clients. Whether you want temporary services or long-term services, we’ll take up our role as per your requirements. We have helped several enterprises develop their IT strategies and build a strong team of professionals to work on their business goals.

Tailor-made Solutions

Our tailor-made services are cost-effective and transparent. You decide how much involvement you’d like and pay only for the services to use. Our job is to find the best candidates to handle the tough task. Whether you’re revamping your business, launching a new one, or accepting a new project, we’ll help you.

Team Collaborations

Do you have remote teams in your enterprise? Our IT Staff Augmentation Services are suitable for offshore and remote team collaborations, as well as onshore and in-house teams. You can build strong and reliable teams of IT professionals to collaborate on various projects and take your business to the top of the charts.

Specialist IT Professionals

Domain expertise is crucial for high-level jobs. However, finding such professionals can be a difficult task, especially within a short time. VLink makes it possible. Our talent pool includes specialists from all domains of the IT industry. You ask, we deliver!

IT Staff Augmentation Services Helps You to Achieve Results

Why do business organizations need to hire IT Staffing Services in Connecticut? How do our solutions help you achieve the desired results in the short term and long term?


Our services help you reduce the recruiting expenditure without compromising on the quality of hire or your requirements. We offer custom staff augmentation services for competitive pricing.

Control Over Recruitment

You still retain control over the hiring process. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to be involved in the recruitment and staffing procedure.

Better Scalability

Want to hire more candidates at the last minute? Not a problem. Our experts at VLink will help you with it.

Suitable Alternative to Outsourcing

IT staffing is a suitable option compared to outsourcing your projects. Hiring temporary candidates for a project will ensure better results.

VLink is the Best IT Staffing Services Agency in CT

VLink believes in reliability, transparency, trust, collaboration, and accountability. Our teams understand your business needs before suggesting a Suitable candidate for the job. We know that the candidate has to work with the existing employees and fit into the work environment without discomfort. We aim to bring on the right candidate for the job in all possible ways. The expert can be productive only when they feel aligned with the project goals and your business.

Distinct and Diverse Skills

We do have access to a large pool of skilled IT professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our team is diverse, giving us a broader perspective of how to help businesses create an inclusive and diverse talent base for their organization.

No Compulsory Training

There’s no need to separately train the candidates we hire for your business. The professionals are already experienced and more than capable of working soon after they join your project. You can save the training costs and the time spent brushing up the candidates’ skills yet again.

Focused and Productive Workforce

IT staffing services by VLink enable you to build a productive workforce in the enterprise. We help you hire the best of the lot so that your projects will be completed as per the schedule. A team of focused employees will naturally lead to better productivity and a higher success rate.

No Administrative Challenges

Our IT staff augmentation services take the excess pressure off the HR and administrative departments. You don’t have to worry about sudden administrative crises or complexities that lead to loss of time and money. We are here to take care of things on your behalf.

IT Staffing Services that Help Your Bottom Line

Do you know why IT Augmentation Services in Massachusetts, are in demand? It’s because this hybrid model of recruiting offers a whole lot of advantages for the business.

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