VLink Launches Technology Podcast Series| #TechTalkwithVLink

“Tech Talk with VLink” is the straight-talk mini-podcast series for SMB’s wanting to improve their IT performance and efficiency.

We take a broad look at tech and business trends that are transforming the way we do business, helping our clients navigate the rapidly evolving world of IT.

Jagdish Dalal, who is a prominent international speaker and technology consultant, is our first guest. His topics include outsourcing and technology. His knowledge of the industry allowed him to participate on several consultative IT and ITE boards.
He was inducted into IOAP Leadership Hall of Fame for his contribution to the field. He held senior IT executive positions with Fortune 100 companies and was one of the founding partners of the Business Process Outsourcing service line at Price Waterhouse (PwC). We bring insights from experts and fellow tech leaders who’ve paved the road to success in supporting businesses in the rapidly changing world of IT. In our podcast, we will cover topics targeted at executives across industries and not just IT. The goal is to equip business leaders with the tech knowledge they need to make informed decisions that will drive operations improvement and transform their businesses.

Join us this week for the first guest episode of our Tech Talk!

Podcast Episode with Our First Guest 

The first episode of VLink’s no-filter Tech Talk will focus on “What it means to partner with an IT Service Provider” and to guide organizations in their partnership with managed IT services and building a sustainable IT culture.

Watch “Tech Talk with VLink” Episodes on Youtube Channel. Click here.


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