When you have EDI files you have to manually address, i.e., due to a rejection from the insurance payer, SimplyEDI enables you to find and manipulate data in a snap. Eliminate downtime, searching and inefficient processes with one tool — and enjoy a dramatic reduction in costs.

Find files easily

Quickly find and edit desired records

It’s compliant

Meets HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory requirements

Anyone can use it

No special training is required

Built-In Parser & Validator

View, Edit & Export EDI Files

Bulk Upload via Folder Watcher

No Technical Training Needed

Try a Demo for Free !

It’s a simple interface – just upload your EDI files to try it for yourself

How SimplyEDI Works

Simply upload your files into the tool and watch the magic. You won’t have to spend hours searching or doing manual validations as you resolve outstanding files in a lot less time.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can have you up and running in a week. 

Yes, SimplyEDI is robust and expandable, depending upon your needs.

It depends on your volume and how much money you want to save.

SimplyEDI supports multiple X12 file formats used in the healthcare insurance domain: 

820 Premium Payments 

834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance 

835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice 

837P Professional Health Care Claim 

277 Health Care Information Status Notification Transaction Set 

276 Health Care Claim Status Request 

278 Health Care Services Review Information 

270 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Inquiry 

271 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Information 

Plus, SimplyEDI has an open and extendible framework that can support EDI file formats in industries beyond healthcare, such as in financial services and supply chain.

Yes. SimplyEDI has an open and extendible framework that can be easily configured to work in many industries beyond healthcare

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