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Hire Dedicated Remote Developers for Your Business
Finding the right people with relevant skill sets for your niche and mission-critical projects can be challenging. VLink is the digital platform to hire the best dedicated remote developers who help you boost productivity, attain high-end automation, and increase profit. They are 100% invested in one project at a time. Remote developers integrate seamlessly with your internal teams while using your systems, working on your time zone, and striving for your end goals.
We have multiple, highly flexible hiring models that enable small and large-scale businesses to bring together the best professionals and technologies quickly. Hiring remote software developers and senior professionals from VLink will help you avoid the cost and hassle of recruiting, training, and managing in-house IT teams and enable you to start and accomplish your projects quickly.
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Hire our remote software developers with years of hands-on experience, in-depth tech knowledge, and a client-focused approach:
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Why Hire Dedicated Remote Developers from VLink?
We help upscale business ideas complemented by hiring the best dedicated remote developers working on an extensive deck of modern technologies.
100% Code Security and Data Protection
No Contract Lock-ins
Hire Developer in your time Zone
100% Bilingual
10+ Years of Field Experience
Multiple Engagement Models
Our Global Network Consists Of The Top Companies
We have flexible hiring models so you can hire dedicated remote developers the way you want. All these advantages, combined with our rich value propositions, make VLink a trusted choice for some of the renowned brands and corporations for hiring remote software developers.
17+ Years of Service
500+ Software Engineers & IT Consultants
150+ Fortune-500, Large & SMB Clients
98% Customer Satisfaction
Steps to Hire Dedicated Remote Developers through VLink
As a major custom software development company, we follow a proprietary process that ensures every stage of development achieves the set targets
Based on your job description, we will create a lineup of pre-screened remote developers from our network.
You can hold technical discussions and final interviews with potential remote software developers and choose the right one.
We handle all the paperwork for you. The new remote development team member then joins the project right away.
Collaborate With Top Angular Developers Offshore or in the U.S.
Select the job level and get the best Full Stack development experience
Junior Angular Developer
$1750 - $2500
1-3 Experienced
Mid - Level Angular Developer
$1750 - $2500
1-3 Experienced
Senior Angular Developer
$1750 - $2500
1-3 Experienced
Some of Our Remarkable Case Studies with Offshore software

Who’s Got the Check?

Summary: For the first time, healthcare payers could determine which of a patient’s providers was responsible

How We Helped Rediker Software to Scale up Their Operations
Why Choose a Dedicated Remote Developer?

Recruiting talent overseas allows you to diversify your organization’s capabilities by introducing a new range of skills and industry knowledge. At the same time, you can also attract the best talent and build your brand reputation.

Many talented developers prefer remote jobs over full-time employment due to personal reasons. Therefore, companies offering greater flexibility in terms of hours and telework have a clear advantage in hiring talented remote developers.

Innovation and quality are the biggest concerns for any business. Hiring remote software developers gives you access to a wider pool of talent so that you can choose a professional with the right tech expertise. Training your in-house professionals might not be a feasible option.

A remote team can be scaled up at any time during a project to meet short deadlines and complete your project in a shorter duration. If you hire dedicated remote developers in different time zones, you can even put together a team providing 24-hour service to you.

The Node.js framework is known for delivering excellent performance and handling large amounts of data concurrently. Google’s JavaScript engine translates JavaScript code into backend code. A node.js engine for developing web apps compiles code into machine code directly, making writing server-side code easier and faster.
A Node.js backend is capable of processing thousands of requests simultaneously, and it comes with a runtime environment to support it. An efficient data-handling tool can be built with it. In many backend development platforms, requests are handled synchronously, where each is processed individually. For upcoming requests, the system uses an asynchronous structure that processes them more than the first.
Using Node.js, it is possible to handle multiple concurrent users simultaneously. This is what makes Node.js so popular among Javascript developers. It’s preferred because it can handle multiple requests simultaneously for complicated and extensive web applications.
Using Node.js, you can create reusable components to reduce development time. The community also offers templates that are available for borrowing. The Node.js ecosystem has about 800,000 reusable components available through NPM, the Node.js package manager.
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A dedicated software development team can introduce efficiency and speed into your project development process and provide valuable results. Hiring remote software developers with VLink is as simple as it gets:
  • Reach out to us with your project requirements.
  • Evaluate the profiles of different programmers across different expertise levels.
  • Interview each one of our pre-screened candidates and choose the right one.
  • Discuss and draw up contract documents and terms of work.
  • Welcome your developer on board and get the work started.
VLink can accommodate clients on a strict budget. Our diverse network of IT professionals includes talented remote developers from different regions around the globe. Therefore, we can offer development services at standard quality at competitive prices.
VLink facilitates direct collaboration between the client and the hired team through modern communication tools. There is never a mediator or third-party management layer involved. However, we extend our in-house Managed IT staffing services that provide a common point of contact to our clients at every stage of development.
If you are planning to hire a dedicated remote development team, make sure you have clearly defined your project requirements. These will help you navigate the vast pool of global tech talent and search for the specific skill set and qualities relevant to your project demands. Here is what you need to know:
  • Identify the level of seniority (junior or senior) you need in your remote developer.
  • Select only from vetted and verified developers or trust a reputed development company like VLink to hire dedicated remote developers.
  • Make sure that the technical expertise of your potential candidates aligns with your project needs.
  • Check each candidate’s work portfolio, experience, and domain expertise without losing sight of your budget.
  • During the interview, explain the project scope and benefits to the potential candidates.
  • Ensure the credibility of the vendor you are hiring developers from.
  • Seek after-launch support and maintenance services.
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