The industry has long suffered for an effective remedy when patients can’t see their providers in person. Phone calls don’t cut it and popular videoconferencing apps aren’t compliant. Plus, other office personnel must separately interface with patients for scheduling and prescriptions. It’s inefficient and leads to a poorer level of care.

Meet Online

Connect through secure online doctor consultation app or web portal- 24×7 video/voice call, messaging & access to records on any device of your choice

Manage Prescriptions

Allows physicians to generate E-prescriptions to view or download later, access previous consultations, family history & more

Schedule Consultations

Appointment booking & reminder notifications via SMS as well as app interface

High-Quality Video

Fully Private & Reliable

Easy Remittance

SMS & App Notifications


EMR in One Location

Free for Patients

Intuitive & Flexible Scheduling

Free Trial for Healthcare Payers and Providers


Around-the-clock healthcare

  • VLinkCare is ready 24/7/365
  • It’s secure and time efficient
  • In-person visits can take hours
  • User friendly and Intuitive
  • See patients without risk
  • Just log in to use web or mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

  It is compliant with the codes of all countries where we offer the product, primarily India

From Google Playstore or Apple Store.

Of course! We are here to help you grow, succeed and serve your patients better.

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