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There’s truth in numbers. For VLink, those numbers are 1s and 0s — binary code that’s found in the solutions we develop for some of the world’s most successful and best-known companies. From our headquarters outside Hartford, CT, USA, to our global hubs in India, Indonesia and elsewhere, we deliver day after day the human resources and intellectual capital to help our customers grow.



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“To apply intellect and efforts in engineering powerful experiences for our valued customers.”

Critical to our mission is the success of our clients. To achieve this success, we need the skills, capabilities and drive to “engineer” solutions that are meaningful and productive to our customers.

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We adapt our delivery to the way your work, whether as an external provider.

Diversity & Inclusion

VLink welcomes the best and the brightest talent, no matter where they call home. We openly embrace the unique upbringing and POV that every individual brings to the table. We have built an open, innovative and collaborative work environment that spurs creativity and enthusiasm. This blend of individual characteristics makes our company distinct and strong. Embracing diversity helps create a motivated & productive workplace; perhaps more importantly, it benefits our clients.


Many Companies, Multiple Verticals, One Outcome


"VLink has been instrumental in helping improve our school administrative software products by seamlessly integrating with our internal team and keeping that work moving forward with some new features that should improve our customer base and help our existing clients".

Andrew Anderlonis

Former President at Rediker Software


"I've been working closely with the VLink team for quite some time. They couldn't be more accommodating and flexible. The team listens very closely, make suggestions that are proactive and in general create a great environment. It's also fun to talk with them."

Carl W.

Technology Services Client

Our Team
Sharad Patney

President & CEO

Sharad founded VLink in 2006 out of a desire to mentor and nurture engineering minds in information technology. Read More
Nitin Nijhawan

Chief Digital Officer

Nitin’s passion is creating and driving transformation and innovation to clients. He leads the delivery of VLink’s .. Read More
Vanitha Patil

In-House Counsel

Vanitha oversees VLink’s global legal practice and hiring policies. Her forward-thinking attitude helps solve complex.. Read More
Tracy Gardner

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Tracy is responsible for leading VLink’s global marketing strategy, with a focus on developing and advancing the market .. Read More
Doreen Pereira

Global Director of Human Resources (HR)

Doreen has HR, budget tracking and regulatory compliance responsibilities at VLink... Read More
Manish Jangid

VP Operations- APAC

Manish has operational and financial responsibilities at VLink. He has a 25 years track record of success.. Read More
Our Advisors
Jagdish Dalal

Internationally known speaker

Jag Dalal is an internationally known speaker and consultant in the field of management and technology.. Read More
Carl R. Johnson

CPA, President CRJ Consulting

Carl Johnson offers guidance throughout the full mergers and acquisitions process as well as advisory.. Read More
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