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To maintain business continuity, it’s important to manage IT workforce churn. Handling those disruptions is what VLink has done for over 16 years. We source developers and engineers and help with attrition management for world-class businesses in various industry verticals, from dynamic start-ups and SMBs to Fortune 500s. A leading IT staffing company find the right IT talent to deliver on time and on the budget that matches the job role with perfection.

Our expertise, speed, and flexibility are what your team needs to scale rapidly and complete your project with dream IT team outcomes.

Unlock the full potential of your product with our Managed IT Staffing services and elevate your business to the next level.

Benefits with VLink's Managed IT Staffing Augmentation
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Build and Scale-up Your Team the Way You Need

  1. On-site Staff Augmentation

    This solution involves providing additional IT personnel to work on-site at the client's office. The IT staff will work alongside the client's existing employees, providing technical expertise and support as needed.

  2. Offshore Staff Augmentation

    This solution involves outsourcing IT support to a third-party provider located in a different country, typically in a lower-cost region. The IT staff works remotely and provides support to the client's employees.

  3. Hybrid Staff Augmentation

    This solution combines elements of on-site and offshore staff augmentation. IT personnel may be deployed on-site for part of the time, while the rest of the work is performed remotely. This allows companies to balance the benefits of both on-site and offshore support while reducing labor costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
IT staff augmentation is the practice of hiring external IT professionals or contractors to supplement the existing staff of a company. The external professionals can work on a specific project or fill in gaps in the current workforce.
IT staff augmentation can fill a wide range of roles, including software developers, quality assurance testers, project managers, database administrators, cybersecurity professionals, system engineers, network engineers, and many more.
In IT staff augmentation, the external professionals work directly with the company's existing staff and under its management. They integrate into the company's culture and processes and work alongside the internal team to complete specific projects or tasks. Traditional outsourcing involves contracting with an external vendor who takes full responsibility for a project or function.
IT staff augmentation can offer several benefits, such as the ability to quickly fill skills gaps or increase staff during peak workloads. It can also help reduce costs compared to hiring full-time employees or outsourcing entire projects. Additionally, staff augmentation can offer flexibility in staffing, allowing companies to scale up or down as needed.
There are some risks to consider with IT staff augmentation, such as potential communication and cultural barriers between the internal and external teams. There may also be challenges in integrating the external staff into existing workflows and systems. It's important to thoroughly vet potential contractors and ensure they have the necessary skills and experience to meet the company's needs.
Choosing the right IT staff augmentation provider involves researching potential vendors and evaluating their experience, reputation, and ability to meet the company's needs. It's important to have a clear understanding of the provider's hiring process, their ability to provide ongoing support, and their track record for delivering successful projects. It's also important to consider factors such as language barriers, time zones, and cultural differences.
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