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Top 3% of Talent

Secure top-tier talent directly for your projects. With streamlined hiring processes, access elite professionals to drive your business forward efficiently and effortlessly.


Direct Communication

Gain control over your project's quality by effectively managing your development team. Set up calls and meetings as needed, according to your schedule, to ensure seamless communication.


Flexible Project Management

Have complete oversight of your project by managing your team directly. Delegate the hiring process to an IT staffing agency in the U.S., allowing you to concentrate on essential business decisions. 


Dedicated Team

Acquire a dedicated team through an IT staff augmentation model. Despite not being your direct employees, professionals provided by IT staffing service providers in U.S. seamlessly integrate into your project.


Fast Scaling

Improve your business capabilities by filling skill gaps or managing extra workload. As a trustworthy IT staffing firm in the U.S., we offer flexible talent solutions to expand your team & improve end results.


24/7 Time Zone Alignment

Ensure uninterrupted 24/7 business operations by leveraging remote teams across different time zones.

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Our IT Staff Augmentation Service Models include: 

Managed Services

Managed Services

Our managed services provide expert teams of quality assurance testers dedicated to streamlining the process of software testing.

Project-Based Delivery

Project-Based Delivery

Our project-based services are uniquely tailored to each client to help them make choices in their way, according to their own goals.

Resource Augmentation

Resource Augmentation

Establish an agile and flexible workforce to deliver projects on time by leveraging our high-quality IT staffing services in the USA.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Consulting with an experienced IT Staff augmentation partner can help you navigate the complexities of software testing and QA.

Hire Developers

Unlock exceptional expertise and productivity with our IT staff augmentation services, customize hiring top-tier developers for your project.


Front End Developers

Looking to hire front end developers? Look no further than VLink. As a dedicated IT staffing company in U.S., we will connect you with dedicated front-end developers skilled in cutting-edge technologies to make sure your projects succeed. 


All Developers

What Sets VLink Apart?

18 years of industry insight drive our staffing solutions. From specialized roles to broad needs, we excel in finding your ideal match.



  • Top 3% talent for unparalleled expertise


  • Successfully delivered over 400+ projects, ensuring reliability and quality


  • Over 400+ satisfied customers still choose us for our commitment to excellence


  • Our team of 600+ experts ensure comprehensive support and expertise


  • Multiple hiring model—offshore, onshore, and hybrid staff augmentation



Years of Excellence


Software Engineers & IT Consultants


Fortune-500, Large & SMB Clients


Client retention

Hire Our Pre-Vetted Developers


Java Developer

Java Developer


Work for:- AdobeAdobe, Fareye


Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer


Work for:- HarmanHarman, IBM, TCS

Vikas Kumar

Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer


Work for:- Clarios ArcosaClarios Arcosa, Scotia Bank, SOK


Java Developer

Java Developer


Work for:- McAfeeMcAfee, Allscripts

Kartikey Khosla

Dot Net Developer

Dot Net Developer


Work for:- PolicyBazaarPolicyBazaar,

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Our IT Staffing Solutions That Impress the World 

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Staffing All Industries



Using IT to help patients live healthier, happier lives



Helping retailers embrace online sales for sustained growth and profitability


Media & Entertainment

Stream your way to market share with the technology solutions



Empowering telecom firms in their digital transformation to compete in the new economy


Custom E-learning Software Development

Cutting edge e-learning software technologies, processes, and tools for Education and EdTech companies.



Leveraging technology to reach your goals of lower costs, improved quality and faster time to market.


Financial Services

Partnering with monetary firms to develop cloud solutions to compete and thrive in a digital economy


Consumer Technology

Scores of new high-tech products launch daily, and we’ll help yours succeed

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Milena Erwin

Executive Director of the CT. Technology Council

No Wonder VLink’s named as a best place to work.

It was great to meet Sharad and the VLink team - all so welcoming and nice. No wonder VLink was named one of the best places to work!


Hiring Location


Onshore Staff Augmentation



This IT staffing service offers a talented pool of resources with exceptional technical expertise, project management skills, and knowledge of multiple business domains. We operate within your time zone, ensuring no cultural gaps or language barriers.


Offshore Staff Augmentation 

India | Asia | Others


This approach includes outsourcing IT support to an external service provider in another country, often in a low-cost region. The remote IT team would then deliver complex software solutions of any scale and nature.


Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Canada | Latin America


Our tech-savvy, experienced hybrid app developers can work both onshore & offshore under your control. It allows companies to balance on-site and offshore support advantages while minimizing labor costs.


The VLink Way



Practice Blameless Problem Solving, Assume Positive Intent



Communicate Clearly, Listen Generously, Be Innovative In Finding Solutions



Take Ownership & Get It Done, Do What’s Right for Customer & Employees

Competitive Analysis

Time to Get Right Developers48 Hours4 - 12 Weeks1-14 WeeksProject Failure RiskDevelopers Backed By a Delivery Team
48 Hours1-2 Weeks7 Days1.5xVery Low (98% Success Rate)Yes
4 - 12 Weeks2-12 Weeks4-16 Weeks5xLowSome
1-14 Weeks1-12 Weeks2-14 Weeks1xVery HighNo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of IT staff augmentation?

By relying on an IT team with expert professionals, you get excellent access to not only more highly qualified but also more experienced talent that you can find and hire locally. In other words, you get the right people with the right experience to implement your projects.

What is the staff augmentation process?

In simpler words, the staff augmentation process means a flexible approach to regular outsourcing of skilled IT resources and their management as part of your internal IT team. This process, being employed by a staff augmentation vendor, is inexpensive as compared to hiring many full-time staff full time. 

What is the difference between staffing and staff augmentation?

Staffing and staff augmentation may have a similar sound in terms, but both of these concepts are entirely distinct and different from one another. While staffing simply means direct hiring, staff augmentation means the augmentation partner will provide a consultant with the proper education, training, experience, and certifications needed for the role in query. 

How do you start staff augmentation?

To ensure smooth staff augmentation, there are several best practices, including: 

  • Clearly Define Job Roles and Expectation 
  • Maintain Open, Transparent Communication with Augmented Staff Members 
  • Use Project and Communication Management Tools 
  • Document Your Project Processes and Transfer Knowledge 
  • Stay Engaged During the Project Execution. 
Interested Fields
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Staff Augmentation—Meaning, Function, Principles, Types, and Benefits!

In the modern and dynamic business world, staff augmentation is an effortless (and even the smartest!) external solution to keep up with rapidly changing requirements and cut down expenses along the way.  

Read on to explore the essence of staff augmentation including its core functions, principles, different types, and exceptional advantages it offers to companies of all types and sizes.  

What is Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation, in simpler words, is a strategic outsourcing model used by businesses to strengthen their in-house staff with external specialists.  

For the uninitiated, such experts are usually hired temporarily. In other words, a firm uses staff augmentation when it decides to add external resources with a specialist skill set to work together with its core internal hiring team. 

Using staff augmentation, you can adjust the size of your team according to the series of ever-changing tasks.  

Furthermore, you can acquire niche abilities not found in-house, run tasks quicker and cheaper, with controlled expense and timelines.  

This way, your whole firm can remain in motion as quickly as the marketplace environment and stay ahead of all the potential competition. 

How Does Staff Augmentation Services Work? 

Here what staff augmentation looks like:  

  • Thorough Assessment: 

Before preparing for staff augmentation, companies first assess their needs and issues accurately. This eventually allows for better identification of the exact type of professionals the company requires for the task. 

  • Search: 

After performing the assessment of needs, the companies search for top IT staffing company in USA that have the ideal expertise and experience in staff augmentation. These companies usually offer freelance workers, independent contractors, or specialist full-time professionals depending on the project’s requirements. 

  • Integration with Internal Team: 

When the appropriate candidates have already been identified, they are simply integrated into the internal team structure. Do you know why this step is so critical? Because this integration ensures not only effective collaboration but also nurtures a relationship between external and in-house staff in the future. 

  • Project Execution: 

The augmented team is responsible for executing given projects or tasks by the organization. By leveraging the combined expertise and efforts of both internal and external resources, the team ensures that the project is delivered most efficiently and effectively. 

  • Conclusion and Evaluation: 

Following successful completion of the project, external resources may exit the organization, and in-house teams will be left with critical lessons learned and improved competencies from the interaction. This stage also includes analyzing project results and pinpointing areas that can be optimized in subsequent staff augmentation strategies. 

Must-Know Principles of IT Staff Augmentation  

Here are some principles of IT staff augmentation that must be aware of:  

  • Flexibility: 

Staff augmentation grants a high level of flexibility to companies, allowing them to adjust the team size depending on the requirements of the project. This principle gives an extra advantage to companies in today’s dynamic business environment.  

  • Expertise: 

The hiring of external professionals often means getting access to specialized skills. These professionals, undoubtedly, bring to the internal team the specialized expertise that the internal staff usually lack. This aspect automatically improves the team’s ability to be versatile in terms of innovative approaches. 

  • Financial Optimization: 

With the help of staff augmentation, companies can easily optimize their costs. Companies pay only when the service is needed, thereby avoiding extended financial obligations that are usually a part of full-time employment.  

  • Knowledge Exchange: 

Staff augmentation is, in many ways, an exchange of knowledge between internal and external teams. Such a collaboration enriches the projects, helps the teams, and expands the overall expertise in total. 

Types of Staff Augmentation Solutions  

Take a look at the three common types of staff augmentation services:  

  • Onshore Staff Augmentation: 

Onshore staff augmentation refers to recruiting external talent, interviewed geographically with a company’s headquarters. It has proved useful to departments that need seamless collaboration and instant communication. 

  • Offshore Staff Augmentation: 

In the offshore staff augmentation model, a company hires external resources in a different country. This helps the company utilize the low-cost advantage. However, well-defined communication platforms and competent project management are key to the successful implementation of this model. 

  • Nearshore Staff Augmentation: 

Nearshore staff augmentation borrows elements from the two models discussed above. For instance, it takes advantage of the low-cost advantage and maintains the geographical proximities to the company. This makes it an ideal model. 

What are the Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services? 

There are many but here, we will discuss the top five benefits of IT staff augmentation services:  

  • Access to Specialized Skills: 

Under staff augmentation, you can have access to a large pool of specialized skills and knowledge that might not be available to your internal team. This, in turn, will boost your project’s skills as well as innovation. 

  • Scalability: 

The nature of staff augmentation means businesses can increase or reduce their team sizes as projects come and go. This way, they can better manage their resources and ensure the highest productivity altogether. 

  • Cost Control: 

Similarly, cost-control is an advantage of employing one of the best IT staffing agency. Indeed, when you use external resources for a temporary collaboration, you can predict and manage your expenditures in a more efficient way. 

  • Efficiency & Speed: 

External professionals possess vast experience and can offer new adversities to the projects, which leads to shorter project delivery time. Their knowledge and expertise help streamline the processes and overcome possible bottlenecks. 

  • Enhanced Diversity: 

When the external talent is acquired through staff augmentation. This means involvement with a larger group with different ideas, which eventually promotes diversity, inclusion and allows consideration of new perspectives and approaches. 

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