5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Right IT Staffing Firm

With an abundance of staffing firms in today’s market, remote hiring can feel like a gamble. However, this is only true when you dive into it without due diligence. When it comes to the best IT staffing services in the Northeast (US), several factors come into play when picking the right agency to work with.

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Even when you go by their experiences and ask the right questions, you may still end up with an agency that isn’t “the one” for your business. That’s why here is a round-up of some critical information and common pitfalls that you can avoid when making an informed choice.

What are IT Staffing Services?

For a business to grow and thrive in its niche, it needs a rich resource of tech talents who specialize in its fields. Tech staffing companies exist to attract, screen, and onboard them. At the same time, top IT staffing partners stand out from the competitors by keeping up with top software technologies trends. This enables them to evaluate candidates for relevant skills that are indispensable for the current industry demands.

IT staffing services can support your technology operations by providing both short-term and long-term solutions. They can also help you fill senior talent positions and ensure that the candidate brings industry-specific expertise to the table.

Benefits of IT Staffing Services


Qualified Candidates

With an IT staffing solutions provider, you get access to a vast pool of talent, including peer referrals, candidates from far-off geographic locations, passive job seekers, and many others. The agency also saves you time and effort by pre-screening candidates with credibility verification and technical assessments.

Reduced Time to Hire

An open vacancy adds to the cost of an organization by impacting sales and customer service. Being short-staffed can even bring the morale and productivity of current employees down who are bound to work harder until the position is filled. 

However, staffing agencies keep a record of candidates with immediate availability and ensure that only the right fit resumes reach your desk. As a result, the time to hire is reduced significantly.

Try Before You Buy

With most staffing agencies, you can get the new IT recruits to work on probation under a temporary arrangement. If the candidate’s performance is up to the mark, you can then offer permanent employment. This helps you build a team of the right employees that succeed in their respective positions.

Flexibility and Agility

In addition to the conventional job seekers, IT staffing agencies keep in touch with Tech professionals with the right set of competencies and experience available for contract-based or freelance work. This is particularly helpful when you’re looking to hire for an urgent project as the staffing agency can negotiate a project-based contract with the right professionals.

This brings flexibility to operations, as you can respond to changing business requirements with agility – preventing disruption or the cost of hiring and keeping a full-time employee for a short-term requirement.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring an IT Staffing Firm

  1. Hiring Only for Experience

It’s easy to fall head-over-heels for recruiting agencies touting decades of experience. Sure, these firms could deliver the most compelling elevator pitch with a track record of success. However, experience doesn’t translate to capability. And this is particularly true for the ever-evolving IT industry, where new and obsolete technologies emerge now and then.

The experience won’t matter if you find that the firm is struggling to adapt to the new IT trends and technologies. Hence, it is essential to factor in other qualities in addition to experience.

  1. Considering Only the Technical Aspects

The biggest and most overlooked mistake when searching for IT staffing services is to settle for the provider that doesn’t share or, at the minimum, tries to understand your organization’s culture. When a staffing firm looks for a candidate for a new role, factors like position responsibilities, team dynamics, and company culture – in addition to the desired skill set – are all key to discovering the perfect fit. 

A lack of such awareness about your organization’s culture would mean that you end up wasting your time screening unsuitable candidates. 

  1. Going With Broad-Spectrum Recruiters

Many businesses make the mistake of settling for a broad-spectrum staffing agency instead of an industry-specific professional who knows the ins and outs of your business. While standard staffing partners cater to clients from different industries, a credible agency maintains specialized teams in their office, each focusing on serving clients from a single industry. 

As a result, they have a better chance at understanding your organization’s culture and meeting your expectations. Also, you have a dedicated team that would likely have a rich network of qualified IT candidates connected with them over their terms of service.

  1. Compromising With Communication

Sure, you wouldn’t want the staffing partner pestering you with every little detail about their recruitment process. Recruiters blowing up the phone to fill their quotas could be a real annoyance. However, you would expect them to serve you with a reasonable level of communication, transparency, and overall responsiveness.

It’s critical that your staffing firm shares regular feedback throughout the hiring process, prioritizes calls and emails, and communicates crucial details, like interview schedules. This proactive communication also envelops transparency with respect to recruiting strategies and the results expected.

  1. Getting Onboard Without Knowing Their Process

Partnering with a staffing agency with zero knowledge about their screening and related processes will likely lead to personnel and hiring issues. To ensure a successful long-term partnership, transparency and two-way communication are fundamental to avoiding misunderstandings and establishing an open channel for sharing ideas and improving processes. 

Ongoing communication ensures that the staffing agency’s screening process checks off your requirements, i.e., screening for tech abilities, personality, and the right cultural fit. The agency will also verify the candidates’ references. This trust will allow your business to worry less about recruitment and focus more on core operations.


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