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The success of any business depends significantly on its human resources. There is a substantial demand for skilled professionals in the IT sector to deliver quality products and exceptional services at a fair price.  

However, the global job market faces unpredictable challenges like talent shortages, finding the right professionals, higher salary expectations, and many more.  

If you are dealing with the same challenges of finding the right tech talent in the tight market, a trustworthy IT staffing agency is the right choice! They specialize in sourcing and placing IT professionals for various businesses.  

Many companies turn to IT staffing agencies to help them find the best candidates for their open positions. The IT staffing market is expected to grow by 3.66% by 2029, as shown in the graph below.  

IT staffing market Size

This is the reason why IT staffing is essential for your business. You are in the right place if you are trying to decide whether to partner with an IT staffing agency. Here, we will explore reasons to choose an IT staffing company, staffing services, etc.  

Let's start with the IT staffing agency's basic definition.  

What is an IT staffing Company? How Does It Work? 

IT staffing involves hiring highly skilled IT professionals to address specific tasks, projects, or ongoing business needs. These roles can vary from full-time positions to temporary staffing requirements. 

Engaging with IT staffing services helps businesses overcome common challenges, ultimately saving time and resources, particularly during periods of growth. These agencies efficiently locate expert IT staff for enterprises, making IT staff an asset for businesses. 

Over 90% of companies leverage the services of staffing agencies. You can delegate the hiring and onboarding processes by collaborating with a staffing agency. IT Staff augmentation services provide access to top-notch tech talent and enable you to concentrate on business growth. 

IT staffing Service Types 

Here are the different types of IT staffing solutions you get from IT staff augmentation service providers: 

Temporary IT Staffing  

It entails bringing in specialists to handle an employee's responsibilities during periods of vacancy, parental leave, or specific short-term assignments.  

This service enables businesses to secure the expertise of a professional for long-term engagement, operating on a contractual recruitment basis. 



Faster Hiring 

Risk for Misfit 

No Expectation for Extended Contract 

Not suitable for long-term work 

Save Time & Money 


Contract IT Staffing 

Contractual IT staffing is ideal for companies seeking a flexible solution for their projects.  

For Example, your business is venturing into a new branch and is still determining the launch outcome. Then, contract staffing services ensure that the hired specialists commit to working on the project and completing tasks within the specified time frame. 



Can hire entire project team or selected workers permanently. 

Time consuming 

Easy to gather team for a specific project 


Easy to manage & short-term contracts 


Project-Based IT Staffing 

If you have a new or ongoing project but need more internal resources, choose project-based tech staffing services to achieve your business goals.  

Project-based staffing addresses specific development tasks that go beyond routine operational activities. 



No need to hire full team for specific task 

Challenging task to finding short team 

Easy to set clear deadlines 

Requires thorough onboarding and clear instructions for effective results 

IT Staff Augmentation Services 

IT staff augmentation services involve accessing an extensive global talent pool to choose the right expert for a project or business process. 

Companies providing IT staff augmentation assist businesses in locating, evaluating, and hiring the most qualified IT specialists with the required skills and expertise in a specific field. 

There are two types of staffing services for the IT industry: IT staff augmentation and IT outsourcing. You can find the right one for your business: IT staff augmentation vs. IT outsourcing.  



Access to a large IT talent pool 

Possible time zone inconvenience 

Complete control over the expert's performance 

Cultural difference 

No need to spend time & resource 


So, these services are one of the main reasons why you should choose an IT staffing agency for your business. 

The key IT Staffing Models are shown in the image: 

The key IT Staffing Models

Reasons to Choose IT Staffing Agency for Business

Reasons to Choose IT Staffing Agency for Business

Reason #1 - Reduced Overhead Costs & Overtime Pay 

Permanent employees entail more expenses beyond their salary, including retirement plans, infrastructure costs, sick days, vacation pay, and employer taxes.  

In contrast, employers only pay for the work completed with a temporary staffing agency, eliminating additional overhead costs. 

Employers can avoid overburdening existing permanent staff by utilizing a tech staffing agency during busy periods. This approach minimizes overtime costs for hourly workers, presenting a significant advantage for staffing agencies. 

Reason #2 - Save on Training, Time and Reduce Hiring Risks 

Training new employees requires a significant investment of both time and costs. With IT staff augmentation services, you can save on training and time and minimize hiring risks. It's one of the main reasons a IT staffing company and recruitment agencies benefit your business.  

Upon completion of the contractor's job, the work concludes, eliminating concerns about severance pay, unemployment insurance, or the need for a replacement. The process of parting ways is streamlined and smooth, offering an additional advantage of using a staffing agency. 

The process of hiring new employees can be both time-consuming and expensive. Staffing agencies play a crucial role in helping companies reduce their hiring time and costs by managing the entire recruitment process. It includes finding CVs, conducting interviews, and checking references, & previous clients.  

In addition, companies can achieve cost savings on benefits and payroll by opting for temporary or contract employees through a staffing agency. 

Making a poor hire can have significant negative impacts on a business. It is not only in terms of financial costs but also due to the energy and time invested in onboarding the team.  

Your business can ensure compliance with regulations and employment laws by choosing the right IT staffing agency. In addition, you can guarantee that the individuals you hire developers are the right cultural fit for your team.  


Reason #3 - Managed Onboarding and Payroll 

Managed onboarding and payroll services are other reasons for choosing an IT staffing agency for your business. 

When you opt for an IT staffing agency, they often handle the onboarding process for the professionals they place with your company. It includes paperwork, orientation, and other administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth integration of the new staff into your organization.  

Ultimately, it saves your time and ensures that the process is carried out efficiently and in compliance with regulations. 

Reason #4 - Access to Global Talent Networks 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for IT professionals is expected to grow by approximately 13% by 2030. One of the significant reasons to choose a tech staffing firm is that you get access to specialized talent worldwide.  

Recruiters possess expertise in identifying and aligning candidates who meet your specific requirements. Leveraging their extensive networks, they are adept at pinpointing potential candidates, demonstrating a skilful ability to best talent most effectively. 

Reason #5 - Flexibility & Scalability 

Choosing an IT staffing agency for your business provides valuable benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability. These agencies offer a dynamic workforce solution, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing business needs.  

For Instances: If you require additional expertise for a specific project or need to scale down during quieter periods. An IT staffing agency enables you to manage your workforce efficiently without the long-term commitments associated with permanent hires.  

This flexibility ensures that your business can respond promptly to market demands and maintain agility in today's fast-paced business environment. 

Reason #6 - Have Better Control Over Projects & Team 

Working with a global IT staffing agency ensures you still have 100% control over the project and the team. By selecting professionals with tailored expertise, you provide a precise match for project requirements.  

The flexibility to scale resources according to project needs allows efficient management, preventing overstaffing or understaffing. It fosters better project oversight and contributes to successful outcomes in a dynamic business environment. 

Reason #7 - Industry Market Knowledge 

Another Reason you should use an IT staffing agency for your business is industry market knowledge. You can quickly and hassle-free hire the best tech talent with an understanding of a specific market.  

Thanks to their high expertise in recruitment in a specific industry, agencies provide all types of quality IT staffing services.  

Reason #8 - Faster Time to Hire 

Did you know the average time-to-hire for tech roles is 50 days, excluding onboarding and documentation? 

For small businesses and startups, hiring developers poses challenges not only in terms of budget constraints but also due to the absence of robust recruitment processes.  

According to Bullhorn, IT staffing agencies can reduce the hiring process by up to 43% compared to traditional methods. Quick hiring is another reason why choosing an IT staffing agency for business is beneficial.  

At VLink, irrespective of the business size, we streamline the process of hiring IT specialists to under two weeks. Our comprehensive services include managing paperwork, documentation, and other HR tasks. 

Outsourcing is another popular strategy for hiring developers quickly. You can also outsource software development projects for excellent quality within your budget. 

Reason #9 - Expertise in Specific Industry 

Collaborating with an IT staffing agency grants businesses access to a rich pool of expertise within the IT industry. In the search for tech talent, proficiency in areas such as cloud computing, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data technology consistently distinguishes candidates. 

Staffing agencies possess a profound understanding of the IT sector, enabling them to pinpoint the most qualified candidates for roles. Additionally, these agencies stay current with the latest technology trends, ensuring businesses receive the optimal staffing expertise to remain competitive. 

Reason #10 - Establish a Long-Term Partnership 

Building strong and long-term partnerships with IT staffing agencies provides companies with strategic benefits. Through sustained relationships, agencies profoundly understand the company's culture, business goals, and talent needs. 

It empowers them to consistently present candidates who meet technical requirements and resonate with the company's values and work atmosphere. 

As agencies become increasingly attuned to the company's preferences, the hiring process gains efficiency and customization. It establishes more refined and high-quality matches over time. 

How Do You Choose the Right IT Staffing Agency? 

Here are several tips to select the right IT staffing agency for your business: 

How Do You Choose the Right IT Staffing Agency

Step 1: Evaluate your Staffing Needs 

Before initiating your quest for a staffing firm, it's crucial to comprehend your organization's staffing requirements thoroughly. Identify the positions, outline the requisite skills and qualifications, and specify the anticipated duration of employment (temporary, contract, or permanent).  

Formulating a well-defined job description and candidate profile will simplify the evaluation process. It helps in determining whether a staffing company can adequately address your needs. 

Step 2: Determine the IT Staffing Agency's Experience in Your Domain 

A staffing agency specializing in your field profoundly grasps your industry's dynamics, trends, and unique skill prerequisites. They are familiar with the language, terminology, and qualifications pertinent to your industry. 

With their knowledge and network, you can identify ideal candidates who comprehend the nuances of your industry—the right ones who can actively contribute to the growth of your organization. 

Step 3: Check Their Previous Clients 

Examine testimonials and case studies from their clients to gain insights into their past achievements and the level of satisfaction they have generated. A staffing firm with a robust track record demonstrates its capacity to deliver high-caliber candidates and effectively address its clients' hiring needs. 

Encountering positive testimonials, especially from companies within a similar industry, praising the staffing firm's consistent provision of top-notch candidates is an encouraging indicator. Additionally, case studies showcasing successful placements further validate the staffing firm's capabilities. 

This process instils confidence in their ability to yield results, allowing you to make informed decisions when entering a partnership with them. A reputable IT staffing firm with a demonstrated success rate is more likely to comprehend your hiring requirements, attract top-tier candidates, and ultimately assist you in building a successful team. 

Step 4: Understand Their Candidate Screening Process 

Inquire about the candidate screening procedures employed by the staffing firm. A trustworthy staffing company should implement a thorough process for assessing candidates, incorporating interviews, skills evaluations, reference checks, and background checks. Their proficiency in aligning candidates with your job specifications is pivotal in securing the ideal match for your organization. 

Step 5: Ask Questions to Get Clarity 

Here are a few questions you need to ask before hiring an IT staffing agency for your projects: 

  • What is the agency's time-to-hire metric? 
  • What is the interview-to-hire ratio maintained by the agency? 
  • Will they assign a single point of contact for your engagement? 
  • How does the agency perform in terms of its track record with past clients? 
  • Does the agency extend additional payroll, PEO, HR consulting, or training services? 
  • What is the fee structure employed by the agency? 
  • What strategy does the agency use for staff retention? 

You can follow these tips to find the right staffing agency. In addition, you should avoid a few mistakes when choosing the right IT staffing firm 

What is the Cost of Hiring an IT Staffing Agency? 

What is the Cost of Hiring an IT Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies commonly levy fees ranging from 25% to 100% of employed individuals' wages. For instance, with a predetermined markup of 50% and an hourly wage of USD 10 for the new employee, the agency's charge would amount to USD 15 per hour.  

Additional fees, such as those for position filling or contract buyouts, may also be required if a temporary worker transitions to permanent status. 

So, these are ten reasons why choosing an IT staffing agency benefits your business. So, if you plan to build a tech team for your project, contact a reputed IT staffing agency like VLink.  


Choose VLink as your IT Staffing Agency! 

At VLink, our expertise lies in IT infrastructure and software recruitment. With proficiency in digital transformation, big data, machine learning, and cloud managed infrastructure servicses, our recruitment professionals excel in identifying top-tier talent for your business. 

Whether you need contract staffing, long-term staffing, or permanent staffing services, our dedicated team will assist in fulfilling your organization's distinctive requirements aligned with your vision. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of IT staff do you need?

The specific IT staff needed depends on the project's requirements. Roles may include software developers, systems administrators, cybersecurity experts, data analysts, and more. Identifying the required skills, experience, and expertise ensures a precise match for the project's success. 

What things should you consider before hiring an IT staff agency?

Before hiring an IT staffing agency: 

  • Consider their industry expertise, track record, client testimonials, and the agency's screening process. 
  • Evaluate if they align with your company culture and if they offer additional services like payroll or HR consulting. 
  • Clarify cost structures, inquire about staff retention strategies, and ensure they deeply understand your specific IT staffing needs for successful collaborations. 
What is the future of IT Staffing?

The future of IT staffing will likely involve a focus on remote and flexible work arrangements, increased specialization in emerging technologies, and the integration of artificial intelligence in recruitment processes. Embracing evolving industry trends and addressing skill gaps will be crucial for the continued success of IT staffing. 

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