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Dot Net has grown over the years into one of the most powerful, flexible & dynamic programming languages on the market today. Hire The Java professionals from VLink. Our Dot Net developers are working on the industry’s best practices, latest technologies, and approachable methodologies to bring you unique Dot Net development services.

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    VLink provides managed IT services to our valued customers. We work 24*7 get in touch with us any time.

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    We have Python developers who can handle everything from back-end server management to modeling data as data scientists. Tell us what you need, and we'll take care of it.

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    With VLink you can create a team that shares your project's goals, mission, and message in a collaborative environment.

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    Once you have selected the Python developers you want to work with, you can begin your project.

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Engagement Models for Hiring Developers

Below are the three engagement models for hiring Dot Net Developers

Dedicated Team

A Dedicated Team model is mostly used for long-term projects with unclear requirements and potential changes in scope. It’s also common when the client doesn’t have the necessary skills to tackle the project at hand. The pricing model in Dedicated Teams is often monthly payments based on the team’s size.

Fixed-price Model

A Fixed Price model (also known as Fixed Budget model) takes place when the client and the development company agree on a fixed cost for the entire project. That means that by using this model, you’ll pay only that predefined sum regardless of the amount of time or resources the company needs to complete the project. It’s mostly used for short-term projects, especially if they are small- or medium-size or have limited scope.

Time & Materials Model

Here you only pay for the time and effort the developers spend on your project working on predefined features and functionality. You only pay for actual work performed on a specific timeframe Flexible approach to development that gives room for changing requirements. Highly scalable and rapidly adaptable to new needs. Tight time management that ensures a faster development.

Dot Net Developers Price

  • U.S. Onshore
  • Nearshore
  • Offshore

Junior Dot Net Developer

$75 -$85

1-3 Years Experience

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Mid Level Dot Net Developer

$80 -$95

3-5 Years Experience

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Senior Dot Net Developer

$95 -$120

5+ Years Experience

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"VLink has been instrumental in helping improve our school administrative software products by seamlessly integrating with our internal team and keeping that work moving forward with some new features that should improve our customer base and help our existing clients".

Andrew Anderlonis

Former President at Rediker Software


"I've been working closely with the VLink team for quite some time. They couldn't be more accommodating and flexible. The team listens very closely, make suggestions that are proactive and in general create a great environment. It's also fun to talk with them."

Carl W.

Technology Services Client

FAQs on HiringDot Net Developers
What are the uses of .NET programming language?

A powerful desktop, mobile, and web application can be built with the .NET framework. Frameworks such as this one are popular for creating complex enterprise-scale projects. Additionally, it is useful for projects that don’t have the budget to create OS-specific modules but need cross-platform compatibility. The .NET framework is also used for cloud development, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Which is better, Java or .NET?

The two technologies are the most powerful in generating highly-reliable applications for small, medium, and large businesses. The .NET framework is more compatible with Windows operating systems; therefore, it consumes less memory and is less incompatible with the OS. If your primary system is Windows, however, then you should probably choose .NET. .NET is also considered more stable since it has optimized code, which directly impacts performance.

.NET-based software improves business productivity in what ways?

It includes a wide array of .NET packages that allow you to develop powerful analytical tools for analyzing data in real time. Business strategies and decision-making are reduced to a minimum through the use of advanced .NET software, thus streamlining business strategies and enhancing decision-making. Our developers can also merge Machine Learning and Visualization in order to provide you with the best results.

What is the cost of developing and maintaining a .NET application?

In order to determine the cost of app development, there are several factors to consider utilization, features required, tools, third-party integrations, and project complexity. VLink offers economical engagement models to help you quickly develop an industry-grade solution to meet business needs and exceed expectations.

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