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Recently Added Pre-Vetted DevOps

 Engineers for Hire

VlinkInfo-verifyAmit Agarwal

DevOps Engineer

8 YearsExp.

DevOps Engineer

AWS, PowerShell Skills

Work for:- E&YE&Y,

VlinkInfo-verifyAshwini Kumar

DevOps Engineer

7 YearsExp.

DevOps Engineer

PostgreSQL, Linux Skills

Work for:- NaggaroNaggaro, HCL

VlinkInfo-verifyChaitanya Vinnakota

DevOps Engineer

10 YearsExp.

DevOps Engineer

Linux, AWS Cloud Watch Skills

Work for:- Royal Bank of CanadaRoyal Bank of Canada, Anthem Inc, Cognizant


DevOps Engineer

8 YearsExp.

DevOps Engineer

Prometheus, Grafana Skills

Work for:- JP MorganJP Morgan, R4 Technologies, Goldman Sachs, Ericsson

Vikas Kumar
VlinkInfo-verifyVikash Kumar

DevOps Engineer

5 YearsExp.

DevOps Engineer

Azure Sentinel, ECS Skills

Work for:- YatraYatra, Citi, Kaplan, Channel4, Delta Airline



Hire Our DevOps Engineer Within 48 Hours

Hire an expert within 48 hours. Faster deployments, fewer errors, and happier teams. DevOps engineers combine coding skills with infrastructure expertise to streamline your software delivery, bringing stability and speed to your development process.


An expert DevOps engineer specializes in developing and operating cloud-based applications and services. They must understand how to build cloud-based or on-prem application services for high availability, scalability, fault tolerance, security, and disaster recovery.


Within 48-hour DevOps Engineer Team? Yes! Skip the search, meet top talent. Our rigorous screening process pairs you with pre-vetted engineers who match your needs. Contact us and unlock faster development - we'll find your perfect DevOps match.


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Top 3% of DevOps Engineers

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Milena Erwin

Executive Director of the CT. Technology Council

No Wonder VLink’s named as a best place to work.

It was great to meet Sharad and the VLink team - all so welcoming and nice. No wonder VLink was named one of the best places to work!


Our DevOps Engineers Software Toolbox

  • Monitoring Tools
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Databases
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Scripting Languages
  • Container Orchestration Tools
  • Infrastructure as Code Tools




Our Work That Impressed The World


Services Our DevOps Engineers

Have Expertise In

Master the Art of DevOps with Our Expert Engineers. Eliminate DevOps challenges and accelerate innovation with our proven talent.


CI/CD Pipeline Creation and Automation

Seamlessly streamline your development workflow with automated build, test, and deployment pipelines.

Shorten release cycles, increase delivery frequency, and gain real-time feedback.

Leverage popular tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, and GitLab CI/CD to achieve continuous delivery magic. 


Cloud Migration and Management

Leverage the agility and scalability of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Seamlessly migrate workloads to the cloud while minimizing downtime and disruption.

Optimize cloud costs and ensure security compliance with expert cloud management strategies.


Infrastructure Automation and Provisioning

Simplify manual infrastructure setup and embrace the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Standardize configurations, eliminate errors, and provision resources on-demand with tools like Terraform and Ansible.

Scale your infrastructure effortlessly and ensure consistency across environments.


Containerization and Microservices Architecture

Break down monolithic applications into modular, agile microservices.

Use Docker containers for faster development, portability, and isolation.

Implement robust orchestration with Kubernetes for efficient management and scalability.


Legacy Modernization Specialists

Breathe new life into legacy applications with modernization strategies. 

Leverage DevOps principles and cloud technologies to improve agility and scalability. 

Extend the life of your existing systems while unlocking new possibilities. 


Security & Compliance in DevOps

Integrate security considerations throughout the entire DevOps lifecycle. 

Implement DevSecOps practices to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities proactively. 

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and data security standards. 


Performance Optimization and Monitoring: (TOOls-Cloud Providers)

Get real-time insights into your application's performance with tools like Prometheus and Grafana. 

Identify bottlenecks, diagnose issues, and optimize performance for a seamless user experience. 

Proactively scale resources and ensure your applications run smoothly under load.


DevSecOps Implementation

Bridge the gap between development and security teams for unified, secure DevOps practices. 

Automate security checks and vulnerability scans throughout the CI/CD pipeline. 

Build secure applications from the ground up with a DevSecOps mindset. 


infrastructure Monitoring & Observability Experts

Go beyond traditional monitoring with comprehensive infrastructure observability tools. 

Gain deep insights into system health, resource utilization, and potential issues. 

Proactively identify and resolve problems before they impact your applications. 


Continuous Delivery Experts

Implement continuous delivery practices for frequent, reliable software releases. 

Monitor and automate deployments, minimizing release risks and rollback possibilities. 

Gather real-time user feedback and iterate rapidly based on data-driven insights. 


Disaster Recovery & Backup Proactive Approach

Develop robust disaster recovery plans and implement reliable backup solutions. 

Minimize downtime and data loss in case of unexpected events. 

Ensure business continuity and peace of mind with proactive disaster recovery planning. 

Accelerate Development with Expert DevOps.
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Tools Our DevOps Engineers Work Upon

Our engineers are proficient in a wide range of DevOps tools and technologies, including

  • imageInfrastructure as Code (IaC)
    TerraformAWS CloudFormationAWS CDK Azure Resource Manager Azure Bicep Azure PowerShell
  • imageVersion Control Systems (VCS)
    Azure ReposGitHubGitLabBitbucket
  • imageContinuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
    JenkinsGitHub ActionsAzure PipelineAWS CodeCommiTAWS CodePipeline
  • imageContainerization
    Docker Kubernetes
  • imageConfiguration Management
  • imagePerformance Monitoring
    PrometheusGrafanaDatadogNew Relic
  • imageCloud Providers
  • imageSecurity & Compliance
    Aqua SecurityQualys Prisma CloudAWS Security HubAzure Security Center
  • imageLogging & Analytics
    ELK StackSplunkSumo Logic
  • imageCommunication & Collaboration
    Slack Microsoft TeamsJira

Competitive Analysis

Time to Get Right Developers48 Hours4 - 12 Weeks1-14 WeeksProject Failure RiskDevelopers Backed By a Delivery Team
48 Hours1-2 Weeks7 Days1.5xVery Low (98% Success Rate)Yes
4 - 12 Weeks2-12 Weeks4-16 Weeks5xLowSome
1-14 Weeks1-12 Weeks2-14 Weeks1xVery HighNo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hiring a DevOps engineer through VLink?

Our pricing is transparent and competitive. We offer flexible pricing models to fit your needs. Think competitive rates that won't break the bank, plus the ROI of a highly skilled DevOps engineer. Contact us for a personalized quote – no hidden fees, just value.

What Skills Should I Look for in a DevOps Professional?

Hiring DevOps talent can be a complex task. Let's break it down. 

Technical Expertise: 

  • Programming languages (Python, Ruby, Go) 
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools (Terraform/) 
  • CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, ArgoCD) 
  • Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, AKS, ECS) 
  • Monitoring & logging (Prometheus, Grafana, Cloud Watch) 

Soft Skills: 

  • Communication & collaboration 
  • Problem-solving & critical thinking 
  • Adaptability & continuous learning 
  • Security awareness & DevSecOps practices 
Can you guarantee the quality of the DevOps engineers you provide?

Absolutely! Your success is our guarantee. Our DevOps engineers possess exceptional skills and industry experience. Unhappy? Exit anytime with our Zero-Day policy. Find your perfect match for your unique project needs.

How long does the placement process take?

Connect with our Vlink expert DevOps engineer within 48 hours. A streamlined process with virtual interview options helps you find the top 3% of tech talent with 7-day risk-free trials to deliver the right fit for your project. 

Why hire a DevOps engineer?

Advantages of hiring a DevOps engineer:

  • Faster delivery through collaboration and efficiency. 
  • Reliable, scalable systems save costs. 
  • Continuous improvement drives innovation. 
  • Provide minimum MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery). 
  • Efficient processes ensure security and compliance. 
  • Enable faster, cost-effective, and secure software delivery. 
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