Auto Parts Smart Sales Application

Our client needed a purchase order management system which would simplify and automate the purchase order process.
Auto Parts Smart Sales Application was developed for distributor sales executives and will play a pivotal role in promoting and generating sales of genuine parts.The application provides a comprehensive solution for the overall purchase order placement process for sales executives by allowing them to collect the necessary data regarding previous or new orders. VLink developed the app on the Telerik Platform that helps build cross-platform native mobile apps. The platform provides a comprehensive solution that supports the organization’s mobile strategy. The application provides data for the price of parts, customer information, orders, payment collection methods and much more. Sales executives will now be able to take orders more efficiently, view detailed genuine parts information, check stock, collect feedback and payment, and synchronize data to the cloud.

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  • I.NET
  • Azure
  • Hybrid Mobile platform – Telerik
  • MS SQL


• Provides a significant increase in functionality to include:

 synchronizing real-time data in online and offline modes,

 an easy order placement process,

 an improved user interface and improvements in response time for customers.

• Acts as an assistant to sales executives by helping increase the sales for genuine spare parts.

• Provides increased productivity, ease of navigation, efficient loading of data and cloud backup.

• Enables to maintain minimum inventory by capturing material details into the database.

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