The last thing you want to do is explain your field to a potential partner. Our clients appreciate and are often surprised during the first conversations that we understand the challenges endemic to their vertical:  Compliance requirements, customer mindsets, behavior patterns, areas of growth, and especially centers of frustration. Understanding where you’re coming from enlightens us to deploy our technological acumen appropriately to deliver uncommon results.

Industry Verticals

It’s said- ” be innovative or be gone”, and the only way you can innovate in your field is if you know every blade of grass!


Leverage solutions that generate dramatic business results for providers and improved patient wellness. These include internal tools that achieve operational efficiencies & customer-facing apps to leverage technology.

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Financial Services

The industry has shifted from brick-and-mortar banks and paper currency to digital experiences. We accelerate our customers’ evolution with B2B and B2C solutions that meet — and usually exceed — expectations.

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Highly engineered technological solutions meet the challenges of accelerated production cycles, changing labor demographics, robotics and increased logistics/supply chain demands.

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The steady increase in mobile & broadband usage requires corresponding investments in infrastructures, sales, billing & customer care. Stay ahead with internal & customer-facing apps that become part of users’ daily routines.

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As digital retail continues to grow, companies that embrace mobile and integrate big data/analytics that create outstanding customer experiences are best positioned to succeed.

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Media & Entertainment

Maybe you want to be the next Tik Tok. Or you’re a municipality looking to stream content to your constituents. VLink has the skills to help you succeed in the shifting media & entertainment landscape.

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Consumer Technology

No matter where you are in the product lifecycle, we can help you incorporate cutting-edge solutions to position you for continual growth. See why some of the world’s best-known companies partner with VLink.

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