If you’re in healthcare, you appreciate partners that talk your language as much as IT-speak — somebody that understands the special considerations that providers, insurance companies, and patients have. As one of the leading healthcare IT consulting service provider, our years of working in the field give us the necessary perspective and knowledge. It enables us to uniquely offer healthcare IT consulting solutions that align technology to your business goals.


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EDI Files

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Apps & Portals

There are limitless possibilities to create solutions that assemble data, gather records and help patients, providers and payers communicate.

EDI Validation

EDI files have long been a thorn in the paw of the industry. Now problematic EDI files can be resolved with a keystroke.

Omnichannel platforms

The message is the medium. When technology allows cross-channel information sharing, both offline and online, everyone wins.

VLink Care

Now patients and providers can meet via secure video conferencing, plus schedule appointments, manage medications, access records and more.

Success Stories

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Summary:  Now patients can go to one place for their prescriptions, appointments, records and more. […]

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Getting the Upper Hand on...

Summary: A major healthcare provider sees its data in a different way, to everyone’s benefit. […]

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The Dashboard that Helps Save...

Although many healthcare providers have interest and plans in implementing analytics solutions, in reality, very […]

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