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  • Ep15 -Featured Image-Greg.png
    [Ep:15]ChatGPT Revolution: Understanding Generative AI and Implications | Dr. Gregory S Dawson, Professor at Arizona State University, Author- 'The Brookings Institution'

    Our returning guest this week on the 'Tech Talk with VLink' podcast series is Greg Dawson, a renowned Professor at Arizona State University, with numerous highly published research reports at 'The Brookings Institution. This week, Dr. Dawson speaks aRead More Vlink right arrow

  • Pravir-Pandya-Podcast-tech-Talk-with-VLink-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:14]Quality Management in the Delivery of IT Solutions | Pravir Pandya, VP- Procurement & Supply Chain Practice and MD at GELRAD India

    Our guest this week on the ‘Tech Talk with VLink’ podcast is Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt trained. As VP of Procurement and Supply Chain Practice and MD at GELRAD India, Pravir Pandya has led continuous improvement and process excellence in FortuRead More Vlink right arrow

  • Greg-Dawson-at-Tech-Talk-with-VLink-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:13] AI Adoption- Is the U.S. lagging behind other countries?

    From his numerous highly published research reports at 'The Brookings Institution' to his teaching at the renowned W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University; this week's guest on Tech Talk with VLink speaks about AI adoption in the URead More Vlink right arrow

  • techTalkwithVLink-Ep12-RichardHuebner-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:12]Leveraging Tech for Productivity & Enhancing the Bottom-Line | Rick Huebner, President & CEO at Vistech

    We’re glad to have Rick Huebner, President & CEO at Vistech, as our speaker guest on the Tech Talk with VLink podcast, talking about his entrepreneurial journey of more than three decades and how he’s been helping businesses navigate the technology eRead More Vlink right arrow

  • David-Chan-Podcast-Image-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:11] Amplifying Human Intuition with AI Superpowers | David Chan, IntelleXt™

    Powering everyday tasks through AI is happening more and more. This week, we feature #SiliconValley’s innovative executive, David Chan, who created AI startup IntelleXt™Read More Vlink right arrow

  • Vanitha-Podcast-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:10] Women in IT, Law & Leadership with Vanitha Patil [In-house Counsel at VLink]

    Joining us for our second #WomensHistoryMonth spotlight episode is Vanitha Patil Esq, VLink's In-house Counsel, also volunteering for the International Institute of Connecticut. Her forward-thinking attitude helps solve complex immigration issues, maRead More Vlink right arrow

  • Eleni-Episode-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:09] Women in Tech & Leadership with Eleni Kavros DeGraw

    In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, our special guest is Connecticut State Representative, Eleni Kavros DeGraw, also a member of the Energy and Technology Committee. On #TechTalkwithVLink, we talk Eleni about her professional journey, family, and much mRead More Vlink right arrow

  • Ep8-Graphic-Rediker-Tech-Talk-with-VLink-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:8] Disruptive Innovation in Education Sector | Andrew Anderlonis, President at Rediker Software

    We're glad to have Andrew Anderlonis, President at Rediker Software, as our speaker guest on the #TechTalkwithVLink podcast this week, talking about disruptions in the education sector and how enterprises are contributing to it by offering advantagesRead More Vlink right arrow

  • Copy-of-Copy-of-Ep7-Thomas-11-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:7]Top AI Trends in 2022: Impacting the Future of Virtually Every Industry | Thomas Helfrich

    Artificial Intelligence is everywhere! It’s true — and has been true for some time already. As AI technology continues to advance, many sectors will be radically transformed in the years to come. Our #TechTalkWithVLink podcast features Thomas “Ai NerRead More Vlink right arrow

  • Sid-Podcast-tech-talkwithvlink-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:6]IoT in Manufacturing, From Cost Savings to Revenue Generation | Siddharth Hooda

    Many enterprises consider IoT to be one of their key strategic tech initiatives for 2022 and beyond. Join Siddharth Hooda, Head of Delivery at VLink, in this episode of #TechTalkwithVLink as we speak to him about how IoT is saving manufacturing businRead More Vlink right arrow

  • Ep5-Michael-Corbett-Tech-Talk-with-VLink-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:5]Outsourcing from its Origins to Current and Future Trends | Michael Corbett

    From an expert witness at hearings called by then-President Bill Clinton to an expert in the field of outsourcing, this week’s guest on the ‘Tech Talk with VLink’ podcast series speaks about the current trends in Outsourcing practiced by many global Read More Vlink right arrow

  • 18783668-1638869584892-537d2cb3bcfd2.jpg
    [Ep:4]Critical Factors in Creating a Successful Relationship with an IT Outsourcing Service Provider | Jag Dalal

    When it comes to partnering with an IT service provider, what are the critical factors in creating a successful relationship? In the latest 4th episode of the ‘Tech Talk with VLink’ podcast, we’re super excited to have Jagdish Dalal, an internationalRead More Vlink right arrow

  • 18783668-1637435852302-2e5db83b02343.jpg
    [Ep:3]Tech Trends that'll lead the way in 2022 and beyond | Nitin Nijhawan

    We’re glad to have Nitin Nijhawan, Chief Digital Officer at VLink, as our speaker guest on the #TechTalkwithVLink podcast. Nitin shared insights on the technology disruption across various industries due to the COVID-19 effect, and how new technologyRead More Vlink right arrow

  • 18783668-1637058935003-e4201445016bf.jpg
    [Ep:2] How Does VLink Assure Success for the Customers When Partnering? | Raj Das

    We’re delighted to have Rajneesh Das, Chief Customer Officer at VLink, where he talks about more than a decade of IT delivery experience combined with the ‘The VLink Way’ work culture at VLink- we call it TCA: trust, collaboration, and accountabilityRead More Vlink right arrow

  • img-Ep1-background3-1024x1024.png
    [Ep:1] What Does it Mean to Partner with an IT Service Provider? | Jagdish Dalal

    We are excited to have Jagdish Dalal, a leading international speaker, and consultant as our first guest on the #TechTalkwithVLink podcast. The episode focuses on what it means to partner with an IT service provider & to guide organizations in their Read More Vlink right arrow

  • Intro-Image-1-1024x1024.png
    Intro | By Sharad Patney, CEO at VLink Inc.

    A quick intro by Chief Executive Officer, Sharad Patney on our new technology podcast series #TechTalkwithVLink Tune in for the coming-up technology podcast episode!Read More Vlink right arrow

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