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It’s impossible to overestimate the impact of the cloud on corporate IT. The ability of an organization to choose where to store and use its data is revolutionary. If deployed and operated correctly, cloud data migration increases speed, upgrades security and increases flexibility.

The story gets even better. All these benefits can be realized while costs are cut sometimes dramatically. The cloud eliminates the need to acquire and deploy costly equipment and enables a transition from capex to pay-as-you-go opex approaches.

Companies moving to the cloud have a choice: they can go it alone or they can retain a managed service provider (MSP). Going it alone involves contracting with cloud providers, building internal teams, tackling a myriad of high level and granular issues related to such an ambitious change and in other ways reinventing the wheel.Managed service provider (MSP) firms have been there and done that as well. They know the ropes and have relationships with the cloud ecosystem. Having the right partner is vital and VLink is that partner. We are a certified experts’ team with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

We know everything you need to know about private cloud public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

Empower your business with efficient and secure cloud management services for optimal performance and cost savings.

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The AWS cloud is where it’s happening. Unfortunately, not everybody is here yet. Some companies are still in a hybrid/on-premise ecosystem or with another provider. AWS ensures business continuity and caters to the operating needs including data storage, security, analytics, administration, management and much mor


Is your company’s data down the hall in the file server closet? On-premise environments are no way to run an IT department. No matter what your size or current status, you can achieve remarkable benefits to Microsoft Azure cloud-based hosting ecosystem.

Cloud Migration

Virtually every CIO has the same dual challenges: reduce operational costs and unlock revenue-yielding improvements. You can’t disrupt current operations, though — and a competitive edge would be nice as well with on-premise to cloud migration.

Cloud Optimization

In the cloud, you have the power to analyze, configure and deploy the resources that power your life. Apps, infrastructures and workloads run efficiently and you are secure.

VLink Cloud Managed Services

  1. Seamless Integration

    We integrate, host and monitor cloud software and hardware on a unified platform. The migration process is smooth and seamless.

  2. Highly Experienced Team

    Our experienced team of cloud management services professionally designs and deploys end-to-end application development solutions to ensure that your business systems are always up to date.

  3. Optimized Management

    Optimized cloud application management reduces your investment and increases long-term savings.

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"VLink has been instrumental in helping improve our school administrative software products by seamlessly integrating with our internal team and keeping that work moving forward with some new features that should improve our customer base and help our existing clients".

Andrew Anderlonis

Former President at Rediker Software


"I've been working closely with the VLink team for quite some time. They couldn't be more accommodating and flexible. The team listens very closely, make suggestions that are proactive and in general create a great environment. It's also fun to talk with them."

Carl W.

Technology Services Client


Frequently Asked Questions
What are Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services?
Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services are cloud-based services that provide infrastructure management and maintenance for businesses. This can include server hosting, network management, security services, storage, and more.
What are the benefits of using Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services?
Some of the benefits of using Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services include cost savings, scalability, increased security, improved reliability, and easier management and maintenance.
What are some common development issues with Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services?
Some common development issues with Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services include integration issues with existing systems, security concerns, data migration challenges, vendor lock-in, and regulatory compliance issues.
How can I ensure the security of my data when using Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services?
To ensure the security of your data, it is important to choose a service provider that has strong security measures in place, such as encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. You should also implement best practices for data management and security within your own organization, such as using strong passwords and limiting access to sensitive data.
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