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Hire DevelopersRecently Added Pre-Vetted Test Automation Engineer for Hire


Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer

Apache JMeter, Appium Skills

Work for:- AdobeAdobe, Fareye


Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer

Appium, IntelliJ Skills

Work for:- HarmanHarman, IBM, TCS


Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer

Selenium, Visual Studio Skills

Work for:- Clarios ArcosaClarios Arcosa, Scotia Bank, SOK


Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer

Visual Studio, XCTest Skills

Work for:- McAfeeMcAfee, Allscripts


Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer

Eclipse, Jenkins Skills

Work for:- ChargbeeChargbee, HCL

AutomationHire Our Test Automation Engineer Within 48 Hours 

Experience exceptional quality assurance with our pre-vetted test automation engineers. They have expertise in delivering fully automated, high-coverage end-to-end QA testing services for your software.

Equipped with cutting-edge testing tools and adept in agile methodologies, our sharp bug hunters guarantee a seamless, captivating user experience.

Don't let delay hinder your success. Hire our top pre-vetted test automation engineer within two days and propel your project forward with excellence & confidence.


Why Choose VLink for Test Automation Engineers?


Hire Within 2 Days

Don't let delays hold you back—hire with confidence and speed at VLink.

Your time is precious, and we understand the urgency of your QA automation needs. With our streamlined hiring process and extensive network of pre-vetted talent, you'll hire expert QA specialists within 48 hours.


Top 3% of Test Automation Engineers

Hire the top 3% of test automation engineers from VLink – where excellence is not just a goal but a guarantee.

With a focus on excellence, our talent pool undergoes rigorous screening to ensure only the best join your team. Only 3% of software testers pass our rigorous pre-vetting process that includes technical & behavioral assessments.


7-Day Free Testing Trial

With VLink, you're not just getting results – you're getting peace of mind.

We're confident in the quality of our QA Automation Engineers, and we want you to experience the difference for yourself. With our 7-day risk-free trial, you can check the quality and testing skills of our testers and find the right fit for your projects. 


Low Churn Rate

Boost productivity with a low turnover rate. 

VLink understands the value of your developer team and the investment you've made in nurturing their skills. That's why we boast the lowest churn rate that ensures long-term commitment, stability and continuity to your projects.


Zero-Day Exit Policy

Unlock Maximum Flexibility with Our Zero-Day Exit Policy!

Say goodbye to unnecessary overhead and hello to flexibility and efficiency with our Zero-day exit policy. Hire our test Automation engineers and experience the freedom to conclude services the moment your testing goals are achieved.


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Milena Erwin

Executive Director of the CT. Technology Council

No Wonder VLink’s named as a best place to work.

It was great to meet Sharad and the VLink team - all so welcoming and nice. No wonder VLink was named one of the best places to work!


Test AutomationOur Test Automation Work?


Mobile Apps


Web Apps


Desktop Apps


Data warehouses


Cloud-based software


Enterprise software(ERP, CRM, SCM software, etc.)


Customer-facing software


SaaS software


Software with advanced techs(IoT, big data, etc.)


Worked on specific domains(Ecommerce, Banking, airline, insurance, BFSI )

ServicesServices Our Test Automation Engineers Have Expertise In

Hire our test automation engineers to test a wide range of web apps, whether small projects or large enterprise applications.

  • image
    Functional Testing

    Hire test automation engineers for test script creation, execution and result analysis, ensuring app functionality and identifying defects efficiently.

  • image
    Performance Testing

    Our Automation QA engineer for hire offers services like test script creation, load generation, performance monitoring, result analysis, and optimization recommendations.

  • image
    Integration Testing

    Hire test automation engineers to create and execute automated integration tests to ensure seamless communication and functionality between software components.

  • image
    Compatibility Testing

    Identify compatibility issues and ensure consistent performance, improving user experience and minimizing manual testing efforts with our top-tier pre-vetted automation software tester.

  • image
    Software Security Assurance

    Hire our test automation engineers to automate vulnerability scanning, code analysis, penetration testing, & continuous security monitoring, enhancing the overall security of software.

  • image
    Usability Testing

    At VLink, we offer experienced automation QA engineers for hire. They are excellent at finding bugs and identifying app functioning issues from the user's perspective and preferences.

  • image
    Automated Full-Cycle Testing

    Get automated full-cycle testing services with our experienced QA testers to ensure quality and high-performance software throughout the life-cycle development process.

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    API Testing

    We have a wide range of QA automation testers for hire who are experts in providing API testing automation services that include SOAP & RESTFUL APIs. Hire our test automation engineers to test your APIs in terms of functionality and performance.

  • image
    Mobile Automation Testing

    Be it native apps, web apps or cross-platform mobile apps, our automated mobile app testers ensure your applications work and function seamlessly across varied mobile platforms.

  • image
    Expert QA Consulting

    Our QA experts focus on software testing to ensure the products' quality. Hire our pre-screened test automation engineers for the best testing strategy to evaluate the app's functionality.

Hire ProcessTest Automation Engineers Hiring Process

Hire our developers for a test automation project in 4 easy steps:


Tell Us Requirements


Select the Hiring Model


Conduct the Interviews


Start Onboarding


TechnologiesTesting Tools Our QA Automation Engineers Work Upon

  • Web Application Testing Tools
    Apache JMeterLoad RunnerVisual StudioPOSTMANProtractorRestSharpSilk PerformerSoapUITestCompleteXCTest
  • Mobile App Testing Tools
  • IDE
  • Build tools
  • Performance Testing Tools
    Load RunnerApache JMeterSilk PerformerVisual Studio
  • Automated UI Testing Tools
  • API Testing Tools
    REST-AssuredRestSharpAPACHE JMeterSoapUIPOSTMAN
  • DevOps Containerization
  • Automation
  • Monitoring
  • Security Testing Tools
    AcunetixBurp SuiteHCL AppScanNMAP
  • CI/CD Tools
    JenkinsDroneCIBambooTravis CI
  • Test Management & Defect Tracking Software
    Azure DevOpsJiraTestRailTeam Foundation ServerBugzilla

AnalysisCompetitive Analysis

  • 1 -Time to Get Right Developers
  • 2 -Time to Start a Project
  • 3 -Time to Scale Size of Team
  • 4 -Cost Average Weekly
  • 5 -Project Failure Risk
  • 6 -Developers Backed By a Delivery Team
  • 48 Hours
  • 1-2 Weeks
  • 7 Days
  • 1.5x
  • Very Low (98% Success Rate)
  • Yes
  • 4 - 12 Weeks
  • 2-12 Weeks
  • 4-16 Weeks
  • 5x
  • Low
  • Some
  • 1-14 Weeks
  • 1-12 Weeks
  • 2-14 Weeks
  • 1x
  • Very High
  • No
Hire Top Test Automation Engineers Within 2 Days

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I hire a QA Engineer for hourly or project-based tasks?

    At VLink, we provide flexible hiring models, including options such as hourly hiring, monthly hiring, and yearly hiring. It allows you to hire a test automation engineer on an hourly basis or for specific projects/tasks, with the ability to adjust the hire model type as needed in the future. 

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire QA Automation Developers?

    The average costs of hiring pre-vetted test automation engineers range from $35 to $80/hour. Its actual costs vary significantly depending on different factors such as years of experience, skills, location and whether they are full-time or part-time employees. To know more about the cost of hiring a pre-screened test automation engineer, contact VLink.

    What Skills Should I Consider When Hiring Test Automation Developers?

    When hiring test automation engineers, consider candidates proficient in programming languages such as Python, Java, or JavaScript. Look for experience with testing frameworks like Selenium, Appium, or Cypress.  

    A strong understanding of software testing principles, ability to write efficient and maintainable code, familiarity with CI/CD pipelines, and good communication skills are also crucial for effective collaboration within teams. 

    Where Can I Hire a Pre-Vetted QA Automation Tester?

    You can hire a pre-vetted test automation engineer from VLink within 48 hours. We provide the top 3% of tech talent with 7-day risk-free trials to deliver you the right fit for your project.  

    Interested Fields
    ReactJavaDot Net


    HiringA Complete Guide to Hire Test Automation Engineer

    The Role of Automation Testers in Meeting Your Needs 

    In this tech-driven world, businesses leave no stone unturned to provide smooth user experiences. Despite all the hard work they do, bugs and glitches often make an unexpected visit, thereby disrupting the entire user journey. 

    This is when automation testers enter to the rescue!

    It is no news that automation testing is the new reality of software development industry and automation testers are nothing less than any silent guardians. These silent guardians work selflessly to ensure that no bugs cause major disasters, that can affect the end-user. 

    By proactively addressing issues, they prevent costly setbacks and protect your business reputation along the way. 

    They make sure that your systems stay smooth and robust, thereby keeping users and stakeholders' confidence high. 

    Here’s What Your Post-Recruitment Process Must Look Like! 

    VLink is always ready to cater to your unique needs, helping you hire a top-tier automation tester. But there are five steps we want you to complete before getting in touch with our dedicated team. By taking these steps beforehand, you can enable a 5X faster and smoother hiring process.  

    Clarity of Requirements 

    Thorough Research

    Location & Time Zone

    Fixed Budget

    First, make sure you have a clear understanding of your project requirements.Market research and taking a quick glimpse of VLink’s strengths are vital for a fruitful collaboration. Decide in advance which location and time zone you will be hiring an automation tester from.Automation testing projects differ from one another, often in complex and duration.
    When you can speak to us in the clearest voice only then will we be able to meet your needs. It offers a window into market trends and VLink’s capabilities, ensuring that our expertise aligns with your project goals. When doing so, keep in mind items such as language proficiency, cultural alignment, and collaboration potential.  So, defining your budget and timeline are key to our hiring process.  
    So, state your project purpose and the level of automation testing experience you are hoping for. This groundwork not only fosters a mutual understanding but is paramount for open collaboration founded on shared objectives and trust. By doing this now, you will shorten the candidate selection process and help avoid communication issues through the project. You must also decide whether you need a full or part-time automation tester.  
    Not to mention your clarity will make the hiring process smooth and leave no room for miscommunication.  This could help you ensure you get aligned candidates quickly and avoid slowing down your project for no reason. 

    20 Skills An Automation Tester Must Have 

    Technical Skills  

    Soft Skills  

    Programming Languages  

    Strong Communication Skills 

    Test Automation Frameworks  

    Problem-Solving Skills 

    Scripting Languages  

    Attention to Detail 

    Version Control Systems  


    Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Tools

    Teamwork & Collaboration

    Web Technologies  

    Critical Thinking  

    API (Application Programming Interface) Testing  

    Time Management 

    Database Management  

    Attention to User Experience (UX) 

    Performance Testing Tools  

    Continuous Learning Mindset 

    Bug Reporting  


    18 Interview Questions to Identify Top Automation Tester 

    • Can you tell the difference between manual testing and automated testing? When will you choose automated testing over manual testing?  
    • What automation tools have you used in your past?  
    • What method do you use for test case design for automation? 
    • Can you tell us a complicated automation project you ever worked on? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them? 
    • How do you manage dynamic elements or changing UI in your automation scripts? 
    • Have you worked with any continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines? If so, can you describe your experience integrating automated tests into these pipelines? 
    • How do you make sure of the reliability and stability of your automated tests? 
    • What strategies do you use for maintaining and updating automated test scripts? 
    • How do you handle test data management in your automated tests? 
    • Can you discuss your experience with diverse types of automation frameworks (e.g., data-driven, keyword-driven, behavior-driven)? 
    • How do you handle test failures in your automation suite? 
    • Can you discuss your experience with cross-browser and cross-platform testing in automation? 
    • How do you handle testing in environments with limited access or connectivity (e.g., testing on mobile devices)? 
    • Have you implemented any performance or load testing as part of your automation efforts? If so, how did you do it? 
    • How do you collaborate with developers and other team members to ensure effective automation testing? 
    • What metrics do you use to measure the effectiveness of your automation efforts? 
    • Can you discuss a time when your automation scripts significantly improved the efficiency or quality of a project? 
    • How do you stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in automation testing? 

    Best Interview Practices to Select the Best Automation Tester 

    It is our responsibility to help you with the list of pre-vetted candidates that match/fulfill your unique requirements. Once you have the list, the very next step is to conduct interviews with these candidates. To help you find the perfect candidate out of many, here some factors you should be mindful of:  

    Technical Proficiency  

    During the interview, you should assess the candidate's technical skills in automation testing tools like Selenium, Appium, or the like. 

    Keep in mind what programming languages they know that are used in test automation: Java, Python and more. Moreover, see how well they can write efficient, maintainable automation scripts. 

    Soft Skills  

    In addition, soft skills also play a significant role for an automation tester and help in other ways, such as working well with team members, communicating testing results and keeping to project timelines. Skills such as clear communication allow for seamless coordination, while excellent time management allows for not only the timely completion of tasks but contributes to overall project success and team efficiency as well. 

    Past Achievements  

    Ensure that the candidate has automation testing experience or previous projects. Look for successful automation implementations that lead process improvement in testing. 

    Quality Advocacy  

    Evaluate their understanding of the importance of software quality and how they are responsible for assuring it through automation. Look for candidates who value a robust, quality-improving test suite and are vocal advocates for that message. 

    Culture Fit  

    Determine the extent to which the candidate shares the organization values, teamwork culture, and work style. Are they cooperative? Can they mesh well with colleagues? 

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