Modernizing Legacy IT Infrastructure for a Digital Era- Insurance & Financial

Innovative Insurance Technology Trends

Two global insurance companies – were struggling with outdated technology infrastructure. This is a significant problem in the highly transactional insurance industry. There are lots of clients, lots of agents – and lots of different devices. Systems must be fast and user interfaces must be responsive. VLink, working mostly with IBM, integrated the software required to make help these companies compete.

Key Facts:

  • Two large insurance companies were saddled with aging infrastructure in a quickly changing industry.
  • The systems were manual and didn’t effectively accommodate an increasingly mobile clientele and workforce.
  • IBM, the main contractor on update projects, called in VLink to integrate its stack for each company.
  • The result were systems that were streamlined, efficient and conformed themselves to users’ desktop or mobile devices.
  • In highly competition and low margin industries, backend efficiencies such as those provided in these cases by IBM and VLink, can be the difference between success and failure.

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