What Is the Difference Between .NET and ASP.NET?

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The demand for .NET developers is continuously evolving. It is an open-source framework which is created and maintained by Microsoft. It enables programmers to develop dynamic web applications. If you are looking for an aspiring .NET programmer, it is vital to understand the difference between .NET and ASP.NET. Keep reading this blog post to find out! 

What is Dot Net?  

.NET framework helps in developing form-based applications, web-based applications, and web services. Dot net developers use this framework to build both desktop and server-based applications. The DotNet platform offers many programming languages; however, the most common ones include VB.Net and C#. These languages are used by dot net programmers to build applications for Windows, phones, the web, and more. Additionally, it provides many functionalities and backs up industry standards.  

What is ASP.NET?  

ASP.NET is a web application framework that was designed and created by Microsoft. It is an open-source subset of the .NET Framework that succeeds the classic ASP (Active Server Pages). The .NET Framework was originally released in January 2002 with version 1.0. Before that, dot net programmers were using Classic ASP to develop web applications and services.  

What is the Difference Between .NET and ASP.NET?  

The following table illustrates how ASP.NET and.NET differ from one another.   



It is a software development framework that focuses on building Windows, Web, and server-based applications.  

It is a primary tool available in the .NET Framework. It simplifies the creation of dynamic pages.  

Application development related to the client site and server site can be done using .NET Framework.  

It enables you to create server side web applications only. This is because ASP.NET is integrated with .NET Framework.  

.NET is critically used to make business applications on the Windows platform.  

It is used to develop dynamic websites and web pages through .NET programming languages.  

.NET programming can be easily done using any programming language with the CIL (Common Intermediate Language) compiler.  

Dot net programmers can use any .NET programming language to create applications.  

How Much Does It Cost to Hire .NET and ASP.NET Developers?  

It can be costly to hire a dot net developer full-time. This is because there is a huge demand for dot net programmers. Hiring an expert dot net developer will demand high remuneration. However, when you hire .NET and ASP.NET specialists from an IT staffing agency like VLink, you can hire dot net programmers within 48 hours at cost-effective prices. We at VLink offer three pricing models: fixed cost, yearly cost, and monthly cost. In the fixed price model, the company pays the amount decided at the beginning of the project. However, in the yearly and monthly cost models, companies can pay for the amount of work done by the developers.  

Where Should You Hire the Right Dot Net Developer?

Where Should You Hire the Right Dot Net DeveloperAlthough there are many ways to hire dot net experts, the best one is to hire from an outsourcing agency. Why? This is because hiring dot net programmers from IT staffing and augmentation companies offers many benefits. These benefits include:  

Access to Large Talent 

One of the greatest benefits of hiring dedicated .NET and ASP.NET developers from an IT staffing company like VLink is that they have access to a large pool of excellent dot net developers. You can get access to the most desirable dot net programmer quickly and efficiently.  

Hire Within 48 Hours  

Another benefit of hiring dot net developers from VLink is that you can hire pre-screened developers within 2 days. All you need to do is share your requirements with us and take advantage of our quick process.  

Find the Right Resource  

VLink understands that hiring an expert dot net expert might become difficult. VLink solves this company's challenge by helping them find the right resource within a short-time period. We have access to a large database of .NET and ASP.NET developers. You can easily find the most suitable candidate for yourself.  

Hire at Business-Friendly Rate 

We help companies find the right dot net programmers at budget-friendly rates. You can select from three pricing models, such as fixed costs, hourly rates, and monthly rates, to hire a dedicated .NET and ASP.NET expert.  

What Is the Process to Hire .NET and ASP.NET Developers?

What Is the Process to Hire .NET and ASP.NET Developers 

Here’s the process to hire .NET and ASP.NET developers with VLink:  

Share Your Requirement  

The first step is to share your requirements with us. Whether you want to hire a .NET or ASP.NET developer with more than 5 years of experience, ensure that you clearly highlight your exact requirements. This will help our product managers filter suitable dot net experts for your projects.  

Interview the Candidates  

Another step is to shortlist the suitable candidates for an interview. Our team will schedule an interview for the shortlisted candidates. During this interview session, you can assess the technical and non-technical skills of the shortlisted dot net developers.  

Onboard the Candidate  

Once you have selected the right .NET or ASP.NET developer for your business, the next step is to onboard the candidate. Introduce the newly hired dot net experts to your internal team. Also, ensure that you describe the project carefully during this period.  


To conclude, .NET is similar yet different from ASP.NET. Companies looking for .NET and ASP.NET developers can easily hire from an outsourcing agency called VLink. Some benefits of hiring dot net experts from VLink include access to large talent, hiring within 48 hours, finding the right resource, and hiring at budget-friendly rates. The process of hiring a dedicated dot net programmer is simple and easy. All you need to do is share your project requirements with us, interview our pre-screened candidates, and onboard the candidate with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Hire dot net developer now with VLink!

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