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Regardless of whether you are struggling to complete a specific project or need to bridge a skill gap in your existing IT team quickly, now you can hire .net developers within 48 hours with VLink. Read on to explore the details!  

There is no denying that recruitment processes often become dull as ditchwater, especially when companies recruit dedicated .net developers internally. The process frequently becomes nerve-racking and tedious. Companies spend days and sometimes months trying to find the best .net experts. Yet they fail to find specialized developers. But what if we told you that VLink could help you hire skilled .net programmers quickly and efficiently? It is indeed possible!  

Companies seeking dedicated .net programmers can quickly outsource from top IT staffing and augmentation services companies like VLink. It is an outsourcing agency that helps businesses to hire expert IT professionals.  You are probably wondering if it is safe to hire a.net developer from a recruitment firm. Isn’t it? According to outsourcing market insights, the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.2% between 2022 and 2027. These figures demonstrate that businesses rely on IT staffing companies to hire qualified .net programmers. But why VLink? Keep reading to find out!  

The Importance of Hiring Dot Net Developers Remotely Within 48 Hours

The Importance of Hiring Dot Net Developers Remotely Within 48 Hours

Let us face it: Every project the business undertakes has the potential to lead to growth. Now consider a situation where your retail business sales are continuously declining because of the slow-working app. In this scenario, outsourcing .net programmers is the best approach in comparison to recruiting internal developers. This is because internal hiring can be a time-consuming and costly process. Additionally, it may become difficult for you to find the right .net developer with an appropriate skill set, which can impact your business efficiency. 

Besides this, there are many other reasons to hire developers from .net development outsourcing company like VLink.  

  • The company has a pool of skilled and qualified IT professionals.  
  • Save money on hiring costs, including job postings and access to top.net developers at affordable rates.  
  • Hire.net experts within 2 days, either on a contract or permanent basis.  
  • Get immediate access to pre-screened candidates.  

Though outsourcing .net specialists has a number of advantages, companies often struggle to find the right IT staffing companies and recruitment agencies. VLink wraps up your search with amusing benefits. Let’s find out about them in the upcoming section!  

Why Choose VLink To Hire Dot Net Developers?

Why Choose VLink To Hire Dot Net Developers  

There is no denying that finding the right staffing agency to hire.net developers can be difficult. But VLink empowers businesses by enabling them to hire dedicated .net developers remotely at a fixed cost, hourly or monthly basis. Given below are some more reasons to choose VLink to hire .net programmers:  

  • Skilled .NET Developers Pool  

Whether you want a .net developer with expertise in Azure web development services or an individual with a strong knowledge of cloud solutions and integrations, VLink has a pool of candidates that specialize in different dot Net services. Additionally, these developers can immediately join your company to kickstart your project as soon as possible.  

  • Pre-screened Developers Within 48 Hours  

VLink aims to boost your business efficiency by providing access to expert .net developers quickly. To ensure that companies meet their project deadlines, they must hire developers remotely. Unlike time-consuming traditional recruitment processes, companies can hire pre-vetted .net programmer in a maximum of 2 days.  

  • Access To Latest .NET Tech Stack 

We at VLink provide access to popular .net programmers who have expertise in .net development software tech stack, including languages, frameworks, web technologies, windows, and more.  , outsourcing .net experts can let you build high-quality, secure, and robust applications for your businesses.  

  • Multiple Engagement Models 

One of the main concerns that VLink seeks to address is catering to unique business needs. We offer three engagement models: dedicated team, team augmentation, and fixed price. Companies can determine their business needs to select the model that best suits them. 

  • No Freelancers; Only Part-Time or Full-Time Developers 

There is no denying that it is difficult to work with freelancers. Companies face communication and control challenges when they hire freelance .net developers. However, we at VLink provides .net developers who are ready to work part-time or full-time with the companies. Additionally, when companies hire.net programmers remotely through VLink, they have complete control over them.  

How to Hire Pre-Screened Dot Net Programmers With VLink? 

How to Hire Pre-Screened Dot Net Programmers With VLink 

VLink is an IT staffing agency that bridges the gap between .net developers and businesses. Our IT staffing and recruitment company provides pre-vetted IT professionals to companies. Looking for the detailed process? Here’s the process on how to hire .net developers:  

  • Share Your Requirements With Agency 

The first step is to reach out to our team and share your requirements with us. For example, be clear from the start if you want to hire .net developer specializing in .net framework or languages. Our dedicated people will work according to your specific needs.  

  • Agency Examine Candidates From the Pool 

Thereafter, we will share a list of pre-vetted candidates who match a specific skill set and are available to join immediately. The company can go through the resumes of all .net developers.  

  • Conduct Interview of Selected Candidates 

The next step involves assessing the skills and expertise of shortlisted applicants. For this purpose, we will schedule an interview between .net developers and the company. Once the interview is complete, the company can start onboard the candidate.  

  • Onboarding And Support 

Companies can set their success metrics onboard our .net programmer to their organization with ease. Henceforth, the companies can significantly start working on their project with a top IT professional in 2 days.  


What .Net Services Experts Can You Hire with VLink? 

When companies hire dot net developers remotely, they can implement their strategic vision and benefit from productivity-driven constructs, improved response time, high security, and an innovative open source ecosystem. Given below are some of the services for which you can hire remote .net developers within 2 days:  

  • Dot NET Web App Development 

DotNet and ASP.NET are popular for web application development because they can run on a variety of platforms and architectures. This enables dot net specialists to create an app that runs on Linux, macOS, Windows, and numerous architectures, such as x86 and ARM. Companies can hire part-time dot net developers to build lightweight, scalable, futuristic, interactive, and customized web applications.  

  • Azure Development Services 

Azure development enables companies to create and implement applications quickly. Additionally, they modernize your legacy apps and migrate to a cloud-native code base simultaneously by securing them in containers. When you hire dot net developers remotely, you can access Azure solutions and promote the expansion of your company.  

  • Dot NET Mobile App Development 

With a dedicated team of dot net programmers with a fundamental knowledge of .NET and C#, you can create native apps supporting Android, iPhone, and iPad devices across the world. VLink offers pre-screened.net developers who can start working with you in 48 hours.   

  • ASP.NET Enterprise App Development 

Enterprise app development is a process in which dot net experts create applications for enterprise-sized companies. This app can easily be customized to cater to personalized business needs. You can hire pre-vetted remote dot net developer with VLink to create robust, secure, cloud-based, and user-centric applications.  

  • IoT And Embedded Systems 

Internet of Technology (IoT) embedded systems are an amalgamation of physical objects and embedded system technology that allow them to connect and communicate with one another and the internet. IoT and embedded systems consist of microcontrollers, sensors, and communication protocols that simplify data collection, processing, and transmission.  

  • Cloud Solutions And Integrations 

Cloud integration is an approach to combining data from several sources for the purpose of improving enterprise modernization. Companies are adopting cloud managed services as they alter their data and the way they use it.  


Final Words 

It is true that the right manpower can bring gold to your business. But we understand how difficult it is to find top IT professionals who can contribute to your company's growth. As a result, at VLink, we strive to assist businesses in finding the best.net developers in as little as two days. With 15 years of experience and a 100% customer satisfaction rate, we stand out in the IT staffing and augmentation services industry.  

If you are planning to hire pre-screened .net developer remotely within 2 days, then consider reaching out to VLink without a second thought. So, what on earth is holding you back? Call us right away!  

Frequently Asked Questions
What does a .net developer do?

A dot net developer is an IT professional who creates software applications using the languages and technologies of a dot net framework. It is a Microsoft powered development platform that provides a range of resources and tools to dedicated dot net developers, which can be used to create Windows and mobile apps. 

What are the technical skills to consider when you hire a .net developer?

The technical skills of .net developer that companies must look into include:  

  • Programming languages and frameworks 
  • Familiarity with Asp.NET MVC architecture 
  • Ability to refactor code 
  • Strong knowledge of SCRUM 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Database configuration 
  • Proficient in testing and debugging 
  • MCSD, MCTS, and MVP Certification 
How much does it cost to hire a .net developer remotely?

The cost of hiring remote. Net developer might vary from USD $25 to USD $120 based on the experience and type of engagement model chosen by the companies.  

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