10 Benefits of Hiring MERN Stack Developers For Your Project

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Stack development is the norm in the IT industry today. More and more companies are leaning towards full-stack development. Many outsourcing companies that provide custom website development services are integrating full-stack development into the services they offer. A full-stack developer holds a lot more value compared to a regular developer who is proficient in a single programming language.  

In simple terms, a stack is a collection of software technologies that can be used in conjunction to achieve a goal, for example, software development. MERN stack is one of the most popular stacks in the market today. If you want to leverage MERN for your business, you can either hire dedicated developers or outsource your project from agencies providing web development services. These can be local agencies or offshore agencies operating from the US, Canada, the UK, or Europe. 

Who is a MERN Stack Developer  

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. A MERN stack developer should be skilled in all these technologies to provide proper web development services using MERN. If you plan on hiring a developer for the MERN stack, ensure their proficiency in these technologies. Top rated technologies for MERN stack developer are shown in below figure: 

MERN Stack Developers-img1

Few MERN stack technologies are mentioned below: 


It's an open-source NoSQL database platform along with JSON document-based schemas. MongoDB is a distributed database that enhances its scalability and availability. It allows for easy data manipulation.  

To sum up, MongoDB's features include horizontal scaling, high reliability, and end-to-end protection.  


Express is a web application framework for backend services. It is also known as Express.js. Express is very simple to set up and personalize according to your needs. There are a lot of supporting components to help you with additional tasks. It also assists in creating HTTP and URL-based application routes. Another important benefit of Express is that serving static resources becomes much easier compared to other frameworks in a web application.  


React is used for front-end development. React is an open-source and free JavaScript-based library. It can be used to build interactive web pages and applications as well as user interfaces. You can manage the view layer with the help of React. A major benefit of React is that components can be encapsulated. It means that they will maintain their state independently and can be integrated to create complex interfaces.  


Node.js is a cross-platform software development tool and an open-source JavaScript runtime environment for the back end. Node.js can be used to perform tasks like creating web page content, collecting data, updating the information in the database, and managing server files. Node-js only runs one process at a time instead of creating separate threads for each new request.  

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Top 10 Benefits of Hiring MERN Stack Developers Benefits of Hiring MERN Stack Developers

MERN stack is turning into one of the most preferred full-stack development options for many reasons. Here, we list out the ten most important reasons why you should choose MERN stack professionals for your development:  

1. Vastly experienced  

MERN stack developers are pretty much experienced in web programming technologies and can offer a unique solution tailored to your needs  

2. Native user experience  

MERN stack uses cross-platform technology and can easily utilize the native features of the device. It helps give a compelling user experience. The developers can build the application in a way that syncs easily between online and offline modes.  

3. Upgrading your web app  

Programmers well-versed in MERN have sound knowledge of industry trends. They can easily integrate all the latest developments into your web application. They help make the application more dynamic and responsive.  

4. On-time deliverables  

Full-stack developers affect the timelines of a project very positively. It becomes easier to divide duties amongst the team and provide the final product in less time.  

5. All round ownership  

Full-stack MERN developers can be very reliable in terms of project planning as well. You will find that they can assist with all project requirements. They can handle both the server-side and client-side of the application and contribute to quality assurance as well.  

6. Outstanding community support  

The MERN stack has great community support, which can help the developers implement the best solution for your application. There are a lot of free templates available as well.  

7. Budget-friendly development  

If you are planning to work on a minimal budget, MERN stack developers are the best choice. Since MERN stack developers are skilled in all aspects of development, you will not need to hire developers for each element of the application. It can result in significant cost savings.  

8. Effective maintenance  

Since all the developers involved are MERN stack developers with complete knowledge of the whole application, maintenance becomes easier.  

9. Flexibility  

As all the components of the MERN stack are open-source, there are no licensing requirements for the project. Also, developers can keep the front-end, backend, and database code separate, which enhances programming flexibility.  

10. Work according to design and structure  

Another considerable advantage of the MERN stack developers is that they work not only on the code of the project but also on the design aspect. They can also spin on the existing structure and add more responsive and engaging elements to the application.  

What are the challenges you can face when hiring experienced MERN stack developers? 

challenges you can face when hiring experienced MERN stack developers

Here are a few challenges you can face when hiring professional MERN stack programmers for your project. 

Recruitment Costs 

Finding, interviewing, and hiring the ideal developer may be a time-consuming and expensive process. Resources may need to be set aside for job advertisements, employment firms, and interviews. 

Remote Work 

You could consider employing remote MERN stack developers, given the popularity of remote work. To manage remote teams and make sure they are productive, though, might take a lot of work. 

Cultural Fit 

It might not be easy to find a developer who not only possesses the necessary technical abilities but also gels well with your organization's culture. Communication and collaboration are important soft skills. 

High demand and competition 

MERN stack developers are in great demand, and businesses frequently engage in severe competition to entice and keep the best candidates. It could be challenging to discover competent individuals as a result. 

Shortage of experienced developers 

Due to the MERN stack's recent development and quick technological evolution, there may be a demand for more seasoned developers with a track record of success. It could require some time and effort to locate developers with significant experience in these technologies.  MERN Stack Developers-CTA1

Lack of Standardization in Skill Evaluation 

There might need to be well-established and defined techniques for skill evaluation given the MERN stack's recent development. Accurately determining a candidate's competency is made challenging by this.   

How to Choose The Best MERN Stack Developers  

The next question that might be running through your mind is how you can hire MERN stack developers to work on your project. Hiring a dedicated development team in-house is one option if you have the resources to acquire them. If you don't, you can entirely outsource the project.  

Here are some tips you can select to hire the best developers for your MERN stack development solutions: 

  • Clearly define your project requirements 
  • Look for relevant experience 
  • Consider their technical skills 
  • Check their communication skills 
  • Assess their problem-solving skills 
  • Consider their availability 
  • Negotiate terms and compensation 

Outsourcing agencies like VLink can help you develop your project from scratch. We can provide on-demand developers highly skilled in MERN technologies to support your project. You can remember any hassles of interviewing, hiring, and managing any development team in-house while working with us. 

 MERN Stack Developers-CTA2

Hire the Right MERN Stack Developer With VLink! 

MERN stack is the most trending web development stack. Many businesses, mainly e-commerce, are pursuing MERN for their web application requirements due to its long list of benefits. It is the right time to invest in leveraging MERN for your application.  

Get in touch with a dedicated IT staff augmentation company to hire the right professionals for MERN stack development services. Our MERN stack professionals are skilled with relational and non-relational databases and have top-of-the-line expertise in MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.  

Access our 50+ MERN stack engineers to integrate, deploy, upgrade, and migrate your app. Our experts will give you the experience of better functionality and performance of your existing application. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to start the MERN stack development process?

Here's a step-wise procedure to explain the working of an application developed using the MERN stack:  

  • The user lands on the page in the application created using React.  
  • They click on a URL that is currently in the empty state as there is no data. As soon as the URL is clicked, the data is requested using an API call. The page shows a loading GIF till the data is received.  
  • On the backend server, which is based on Node.js, Express searches for the data.  
  • Services like Mongoose are right for querying the data from the database. This database is stored in MongoDB.  
  • The data, once retrieved from MongoDB in the form of a JSON file, is returned to React.  
  • React then reloads the page with updated data to replace the loading gif.  
  • This is how MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js work in tandem to provide a fully functioning web application.  
What mistakes should you avoid when hiring a MERN stack developer?

Avoid these hiring mistakes when hiring a MERN stack developer: 

  • Neglecting cultural fit assessment. 
  • Ignoring soft skills like communication. 
  • Rushing the hiring process. 
  • Overlooking the importance of a technical assessment. 
  • Not verifying references and past work. 
  • Offering an uncompetitive salary. 
  • Focusing solely on years of experience. 
  • Neglecting to evaluate problem-solving abilities. 
  • Not considering remote work capabilities. 
When Should You Hire Full-Stack Developers?

Hire full-stack developers when you have limited resources or want to streamline development. They're versatile and capable of handling both front-end and back-end tasks, which can be advantageous for small teams or startups looking to build projects efficiently.

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