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VLink Hosts 1st Agile and Scrum Workshop
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We are very excited to announce Agile and Scrum Workshops as a new VLink service offerings.
Our 1st Agile and Scrum Workshop will be held on December 17-18, 2016 at the University of Hartford only for the VLink team. We will soon announce the upcoming workshop schedule for 2017.
This workshop will cover contents from both SMC and SDC and attendees will be eligible to take the exam for SMC and get certified.

Course Outline:

  • Agile and Scrum Overview: Agile Overview, Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles, Agile Methods, Scrum Overview, Scrum Advantages
  • Scrum Roles: Core Roles, Non-core Roles, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Scrum Team
  • Scrum Project Phases: Initiate, Plan, and Estimate, Implement, Review and Retrospect, Release, Inputs, Tools, and Outputs for each process in each phase
  • Scaling Scrum: Scalability of Scrum, Scrum in Programs and Portfolios, Scrum of Scrums (SoS) Meeting, Transition to Scrum, Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum, Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement, Importance of Executive Support

We highly recommend Scrum methodology when a project is complicated, complex or anarchy in nature.  We help companies learn, adapt and transition into being Agile without disrupting their business as usual.
To learn more about our offerings, please contact us!
[email protected] / 860-247-1400

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