2019 Job Outlook: Top 5 In-Demand Tech Jobs

With confidence in the economy increasing, and the job market opening up, one of the biggest areas making waves in terms of job growth is the tech space.

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Most of the world has become digital today and at companies where tech rules daily operations, having professionals in place who understand emerging technologies and are innovative thinkers is critical for survival.
Here’s a closer look at the top 5 most in-demand tech jobs of 2019.

1.  Cybersecurity Professional 

With the instances in which data breaches and hacks are being announced only increasing, it makes sense that cybersecurity professionals will be in high demand. These professionals will be required to have up-to-the-minute skills to tackle security issues as they unfold. From encryption and malware analysis to network and endpoint security, they will be trusted to help keep organizations protected and compliant.

2. Data Scientist 

As a world that’s increasingly collecting data at every endpoint, it’s become critical for businesses to turn that information into actionable and profitable business moves. Data Scientists are in high demand and tasked with uncovering, organizing and making sense of data to better understand business, customers and where growth potential resides.

3. DevOps Engineer

With new systems and solutions being created to assist with tasks in the workplace, it’s become important to have specialized system admins and developers on staff to help solve complex and intricate coding and scripting needs that encourage better, more simplified code deployments. They understand SDKs and can integrate components such a SQL for data management.

4.  Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Specialist

Continued growth in automation and robotics is making the need for AI / Machine Learning Specialists a sought after job. Both machine learning and artificial intelligence jobs require professionals who understand a programming language like Python and can help design, build and test applications.

5. Blockchain Developer

The global market for the blockchain technology is expected to surpass $2B in revenue by 2022, a CAGR of 51 percent. With this kind of growth potential for the secure transaction format, the demand for professionals who understand what’s behind the technology is quickly rising.  A blockchain developer will be expected to understand cryptocurrency (the roots of the technologies birth) as well as Node.js, Solidity, and Ethereum – which uses the principles behind the technology to create a distributed public blockchain network.

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