5 Digital Transformation Trends To Watch In 2019

Digital transformation is a term we’ve heard for some time now. It’s no longer a trend that would be good for organizations to consider adopting. It’s now a requirement for businesses that want to thrive competitively in the market.

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Leveraging new technologies requires end-user buy-in, C-level suite approvals and an understanding of which technologies will help specific operations reach their end goals.
Now that most businesses understand what digital transformation is and why it’s needed, we’re moving into a time when many are beginning to innovate and drive change at their organizations. This is where the trends in digital transformation find a place as we enter 2019.
It’s much less about technology adoption as we move forward and much more about strategic plans while incorporating leading-edge technologies to create a competitive advantage in respective markets.
Here’s a look at the top 5 digital transformation trends to watch for in 2019.

1.  A New View of the Cloud

While the cloud has been a hot topic for years now, how it is being adopted is changing today. At one time businesses were moving completely to cloud environments while others wanted to remain on the private cloud. More businesses are now finding benefit in using both public and private clouds in a hybrid cloud approach to meet their needs. The result is seamless, continually secured operations, while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

2.  Better Data Usage

With data leading the charge today, it’s essential that collection and usage of it advances. In 2019, companies will make better use of all the data they’re now collecting to empower them to improve operations and make better business decisions. Data analytics tools, AI and machine learning will all play an important role in grabbing data and making better use of it to meet business goals.

3. More C-level Involvement

What’s held most businesses back from diving fully into a digital transformation is leadership. In order for real change and investment to happen, the C-level suite needs to be on board, and they need to be involved. 2019 shows promise of leaders finally taking the reins and more importantly, working together with IT teams and other operational departments to fully understand what’s needed to create real change and innovation.

4. 5G Takeover

With chip makers promising to finally deliver 5G chips in 2019, we’ll see more network availability across the globe as well as the introduction of capable devices. 5G is touted to be a wireless network strong enough to support next-gen technologies like self-driving cars and other augmented reality offerings. For businesses, the availability of 5G means less latency for communications, faster download speeds and even great possibilities across borders.

5. Getting Familiar with Blockchain

While still a relatively new technology, blockchain is a hot topic nonetheless and we’re sure to see more of it in 2019. What started out as a technology created to make financial transactions online more secure is slowly melding into a number of other potential possibilities for various industries and that’s where much of the trend will see the focus in 2019. In healthcare, for example, the concept of blockchain is being considered to secure the accuracy of medical records and even improve health management at the patient level. In transportation, blockchain can help resolve simple payment disputes that plague the industry or can be used for authentication to speed up delivery and transaction times between carriers and shipping departments.

As we move into 2019, those businesses that fail to transform with the times will be left behind. If you’re ready to start leveraging data for better decision making or modernize your infrastructure for better efficiencies, let VLink be your partner of choice.
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