8 Essential Skills to Look for In Angular Web Developers In 2023

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Are you planning to hire an Angular developer for your business or a team of dedicated developers to scale your business? Before you act, you must know what an Angular developer does and what are their skills and responsibilities. You have landed on just the right page for this information. Later in the article, you will also see how you can hire dedicated developers for your needs. 

Angular Developer in a Nutshell 

Angular developers essentially work on the client side of the software. Building user interfaces for websites and web applications falls under their domain. They are highly skilled in creating the best quality software and interactive user interface. Angular developers can provide custom website development services like no other developer working with another language. 

Angular developers have to be proficient in the "Angular" approach. This approach is based on a specific set of practices and principles that developers must follow to get the best out of Angular. 

Responsibilities of an Angular Developer 

You may be wondering what exactly an Angular developer does on a daily basis. Here is a list of common responsibilities of an Angular developer or a dedicated team of developers: 

  • Design and implement simple, user-friendly, and elegant interfaces. 
  • Create well-written documentation. 
  • Catch and rectify any evident issues in the front-end code. They should also be able to find and resolve bugs. 
  • Create unit tests to check if the code is working properly. 
  • They should be able to identify if the API queries are working as expected. 
  • They need to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with the documentation. 
  • Ensure that the code is working efficiently across all platforms like web, mobile, and desktop. 
  • They will be required to implement any latest developments in the technology to the product to make sure the application's performance is at its peak. 
  • They should constantly check for better solutions to create complex features to be included in the application. 

It is imperative that an Angular developer carries out all these responsibilities diligently. To do that, there is a specific skill set that you must have. 

Must-have Skills for an Angular Developer in 2023 

Angular developers need certain skill-sets, this is well-known. However, there are quite a few other skills you will need. Here is a list of the skills and technical abilities you should possess to be categorized as a good Angular developer: 

Node Package Manager (NPM) 

This is a very important tool. Every Angular developer must have knowledge about NPM and its usage in development. NPM is required for installing a lot of client-side packages, even if you are not working on Node.js. You might also have to install a lot of non-Angular packages where NPM comes in handy. 

Angular CLI 

This is the first package an Angular developer installs after NPM. Every Angular developer must be well-versed in Angular CLI. It will enable you to use the command line interface for writing code to configure your app. The CLI will make sure that your code follows all the best practices and make the process more streamlined. 

When you write fresh code to build new applications, you can use it to modify existing applications. You can add services, modules, components, and much more to the existing code of an application. Although using CLI saves you a lot of time, making sure all the rules of Angular coding are followed, even the minor details. Any inconsistency in the working code will waste a lot of your time. 


Although Angular has a lot of features to make ground-breaking applications, HTML and CSS will be necessary for core web development. The app still has to be displayed on a browser window. An Angular developer must have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS for web development purposes. 

Frameworks like Angular might keep changing, but HTML and CSS will never go out of practice. The key is to learn what tweaks and updates you need to make to get the desired results. Angular comes with a JS console to help you edit your HTML and CSS changes, along with a live preview feature. 


This is another major front-end development tool. While tools like HTML and CSS take care of the looks of a web page, JavaScript handles the functions. JavaScript helps implement a lot of interactive tools on the webpage, like audio, videos, and animations. 


TypeScript is based on JavaScript. It allows you to write error-free code while typing. TypeScript is the preferred language for writing Angular code. TypeScript helps augment Angular code as it is very easy to type and refactor the code while keeping the defects to a minimum. It is especially useful for a huge codebase as the number of defects will be minimum using TypeScript. 


RxJS is a reactive programming language integrated within Angular. It is used for data requests over HTTP and asynchronous tasks. 


Git is a tool used to save your progress. Even for creating simple applications, you need to have some version control mechanism. Git maintains the version history of your working code. With Git, you can try out new features and styles without any worries. Even if the code is buggy or it fails, you can retract to the older version. 

How to Hire the Best Angular Developers 

Here comes the most important question - where and how can you hire Angular developers who can provide website design & development services? You can search for freelance or on-demand developers who can work on your project independently. Alternatively, you can get in touch with overseas professionals to hire offshore developers or tie up with any Europe or US based web development company to complete your project. You can get really high-quality web development services in the US. 

But the best option is to contact VLink, where you are assured of the best web development services for your project. We can provide you with the finest Angular developers who can work wonders to give your project the best look and feel possible. 


Angular development is still on the rise and will have a lot of scope and control over the industry in the near future. This is enough to say that this is an opportunity worth grabbing. If you are not using Angular for your web development needs, you should definitely consider it. 

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