A Closer Look at the Rising Trend of DataOps

We talk a lot on the blog here about new and emerging trends for the business landscape. From digital communications capabilities to next-gen networks and big data – there are so many innovations changing the way businesses accelerate today. 

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One thing we like to highlight – because it is critical to making all of this possible- is what happens behind the scenes. Where IT departments and developers are working to gather the most important data sets and create actionable tasks from it. 

In this post, we’ll look specifically at DataOps – what it entails and why this methodology will have staying power in the years to come. 

What is DataOps?

The process involved with “DataOps” includes merging software and operations teams who can collaborate on analytics with an end goal of more quickly collecting, extracting and creating next steps using data. 

It is expected that the amount of data being produced will grow quickly in the next few years. This process-oriented methodology leverages on-demand IT resources and statistical process control to see which data is necessary for improving the quality, security, access, and ease of use of offerings.  

Accessing the right data and using it properly offers a better understanding of customers and can uncover areas of improvement as well as the opportunity for business growth.

How Businesses Can Benefit from DataOps

The business intelligence produced when quality data is mined is critical in today’s competitive landscape. Having a leading-edge requires understanding what’s happening in the overall “big picture” and then acting quickly. 

With DataOps, teams are focused on reviewing all of the data at a data-driven company and then providing split-second information and actions. In one example, this can help to close a sale that may not have happened at any other time because an agent or salesperson was able to react quickly based on an event in that moment. Then there is also the benefit of more quickly locating possible bottlenecks in the network or system and getting ahead of them before they have an opportunity to do harm. 

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