A Complete Overview of ChatGPT-The Highly Interactive Chatbot

It has seldom been witnessed that a product creates such a massive upheaval in the dynamics of the digital sphere. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-Training Transformer) is one such artificial intelligence chatbot that has taken the world by storm ever since it was launched by OpenAI.  

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According to the statistics, ChatGPT has emerged as the fastest growing app in the world as it has recorded 100mn users in 2 months. Further, as per the reports of Similar Web, this chatbot had clocked 13 million users in January and has surpassed other social applications like Instagram, Tik Tok, and WhatsApp, in terms of usage in a relatively shorter duration of time. 

In fact, some people are comparing this breakthrough caused by the launch of ChatGPT to the revolution created by the launch of the computer and the internet. Now, let us discuss is detail about ChatGPT- 

What is ChatGPT? 

Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT is an AI based chatbot and is a large language model that helps in generating human-like text by using machine learning with amazing accuracy and fluency. It has been programmed using various techniques and it has the capability of processing billions of words in a matter of seconds.  

This programming has been used to power this chatbot with large chunks of data. Thus, it allows ChatGPT to tap into vast quantity of vocabulary and information to dispense knowledge in written format. Just a mere human prompt is needed in the form of a question, and this highly efficient chatbot is ready with quality content in the form of blogs, scripts, and even poems. 

AI Chat GPT has obviously proven to be a revolutionary discovery in the sphere of Information Technology as it is one of a kind user interface that allows the user to experiment with direct interaction. Not just in creating content, but ChatGPT is also highly proficient in finding and fixing a bug in a code. ChatGPT breeds innovation as it possesses the ability to hold conversational text interactions with users with the help of artificial intelligence. Yes, everyone has been astounded by the power of artificial intelligence and thus, one question that you might have: 

How was ChatGPT developed & how does it work? 

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ChatGPT was developed using a unique fusion of Supervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning and this combination plays a key role in its fine-tuned version. The Reinforcement Learning technique allows the usage of human feedback and ChatGPT works by using massive dataset of text. This text is pre-trained using a deep neural network which is comprises of a series of layers that help in generating the output.  

ChatGPT API   is adept in generating coherent sequences of text as a neural network is used to comprehend the knowledge. The AI software of GPT carries out the process of encoding and decoding the information. Just like our brains are wired to use our intellect and past experiences to make decisions, ChatGPT has been trained to respond to real human interactions and give the output. 

History of ChatGPT  

ChatGPT Chatbot   was initially conceptualized in 2018 and its announcement came in May 2020. It is an upgraded version of GPT-2 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 2) and has been developed by OpenAI.  

Google had introduced a neural network architecture called 'Transformer' in the paper and that became the inspiration behind the model of ChatGPT. Overall, ChatGPT is a fine-tuned variant of GPT-3, and it was trained on a variety of internet text. Thus, it acquired a unique ability to process sequential data and has today become one of the most powerful language models of our time. 

Which Chat Bots are Similar to ChatGPT? 

There are several chatbots that are like ChatGPT and they are mentioned below with brief descriptions- 

Jasper- Jasper also uses natural language processing for generating responses similar to humans. The language model used by Jasper is same as that of ChatGPT, but Jasper is a bit different as it provides the user with a wide variety of tools for generating better text. 

YouChat- This chatbot has an advantage over its contemporaries as it uses Google as a reference point for sources to dissipate the content. Further, YouChat is also good in terms of functionality, does not have any capacity blocks, and is free. 

Chatsonic by Writesonic – If you want a chatbot that is up to date with the current events, then Chatsonic is your solution. Since it is supported by Google, Chatsonic is abreast with the current news and helps you in providing the answers related to latest events. Further, it is also equipped with several cool features such as voice dictation, in which you can verbally speak the prompts, just as in the case of Alexa. 

Socratic by Google- This chatbot is available on the App Store and Google App Store and has been specially designed to help the kids. The kids scan their worksheet and attain questions to their answers with unique and interesting graphics. 

Some of the other chatbots like ChatGPT available in the market are Rytr, Ink, Perplexity, and Google Bard. 

What are the Advantages of ChatGPT? 

Easy to Access- This chatbot is easy to access as it is readily available on the internet, and everyone can use it. 

Quicker Response Time – ChatGPT is equipped with the ability to process the requests of users in a faster manner. Also, it generates the responses in a very fast manner. 

Improved Productivity- With the implementation of ChatGPT, businesses can improve the productivity of their employees. This results in enhancing the overall efficiency of the organization. 

Enhanced Customer Service- The most important parameter for ensuring customer satisfaction is providing timely support. ChatGPT helps in doing that as it provides the customers with an individualized experience along with tailored responses. 

Increased Accuracy- Since this model can gather the data in a short duration of time and produce it in a grammatically correct as well as comprehensive manner, the companies are gaining a lot of accuracy as far as the coherence of the text is concerned. 

Interactive Experience- ChatGPT has the quality of engaging the clients in an effective manner that helps the customers in attaining an interactive experience. This, in turn, helps the companies in expanding their customer base. 

Upgraded Scalability- Since Open AI is constantly upgrading the functionality of ChatGPT and adding on to the features, it may not be wrong to say that ChatGPT can help the companies in enhancing their scalability. 


What are the Disadvantages of ChatGPT? 

Although ChatGPT has been on the rise as far as popularity is concerned, there are some loopholes in the content delivered by this chatbot. Let us discuss them below- 

Lacks Artistic Expression 

 As per the feedback of several artists, ChatGPT lacks the genuine traits associated with an artistic expression.  ChatGPT doesn’t have the capability to create content that can connect with people at an emotional level, which human writers can do. 

ChatGPT Is Not Fully Trained 

As per the reports, ChatGPT is still in the process of being trained to meet the diverse demands of the market. Thus, it lacks several features and is sometimes not able to deliver the expected results. 

The Content of ChatGPT has a Very Formal Tone 

The content generated by ChatGPT is too formal as it lacks various elements of engaging content like analogies and humor. On the other hand, the human approach to responding to queries has a very informal tone to it, which makes the content connect easily with the user. 

ChatGPT Just Provides a Summary 

Various experts or subject-matter experts have often complained that ChatGPT lacks in-depth knowledge of various subjects. The reason behind this is that ChatGPT just summarizes the content and often is not able to match up to the knowledge of the experts of the field. 

ChatGPT Sometimes Gives Wrong Answers 

There have been several instances in which ChatGPT has given inaccurate answers to the queries posed in front of it. This leads to irrelevant content being churned out by this chatbot. 

ChatGPT Can be Monetized 

Currently ChatGPT is free of cost, but after a certain duration of time, there is a strong possibility that the chatbot will be monetized. This will lead to lesser number of people being able to access ChatGPT and hence it will lead to several hassles. 

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