Security, User Experience, Cross Platform Applications… What Application Development Trends Will 2017 Hold?

As web application development advances, old methods will not address the requirements of today’s modern business. Soon, those who keep up with the changes will have an advantage over the others. 

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Here are the next steps in enterprise application development in regards to upcoming application development trends.

1. Mobile application security needs are rising

With the increase in cyber attacks, security of applications is becoming a top priority. Most applications still have vulnerabilities with authentication, confidentiality, and more. Developers must have a vigorous application security feature, such as multi-step user authentication.

2. Connected devices are growing, and cross-platform applications are gaining attention

Simply, the Internet of Things!
Connected devices are growing as we speak. As of today, there are already health, fitness, and music apps which will continue to grow.  The market is now customer-centric where users want tasks to be completed here and now. To keep up with this, cross-platform applications are affordable, simple, and quickly deployed to satisfy customer needs. Soon, we will begin to see cutting edge application development that will combine IoT, cloud, and big data.

3. User experience will become more important

The shift towards client-side development is growing. User experience is a crucial step for mobile applications. Designers must try new layouts, colors, font styles, in order to keep the users attracted.

4. Enterprise mobile application market will grow larger

Enterprise mobile solutions create better employee engagement and optimized workplace. Employees can now remotely submit reports, timesheets, and request. Tasks are now quicker, easier, and more convenient.
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