Are Obsolete Technologies Hindering Your Digital Transformation?

Businesses everywhere are going digital. They’re investing in new technologies and changing their processes to better support innovation. The key to a successful digital transformation is not only ensuring that the entire organization is part of the process, but also making significant investments in new technologies that are future-ready.

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For many organizations, falling behind with digital transformation is inevitable. Whether they haven’t started yet or have technologies in place that are not scalable. Before success can be achieved, IT departments and CIOs need to overhaul these outdated, disjointed solutions and systems and instead focus on emerging innovations that make sense.

DevOps is Leading the Way

With DevOps in place, companies have the power to make effective changes that benefit the organization as a whole. Through better collaboration and internal alignment, they are able to achieve faster software life cycles, stronger systems and the speed at which business can succeed. If you’re still operating with disjointed operations, you’ll continue to miss the mark for a complete digital transformation at your organization.

Cloud Optimization Requires Real Work

The benefits of moving to the cloud have been known for quite some time now. Where many businesses go wrong is making abrupt moves over to the hosted environment. Doing so can lead to a host of issues from poor performance to security risks. True cloud migration requires time and careful planning to get it right. If you’ve tried to move to the cloud but haven’t taken the time to reorganize and restructure infrastructure and applications to work in these new platforms, you’ll only hinder your digital transformation efforts.

Don’t Overlook Development Needs

At the core of the move to digital are applications. They work to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. Overlooking how your company approaches application development can be detrimental to digital transformation efforts. Agile software development coupled with an understanding of business objectives needs to happen. With this in place, you’ll be set-up to move forward rapidly in the future as new technologies emerge.
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