BI & Healthcare: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the Industry

The healthcare industry has undergone major changes in the last decade alone. From improved operations to new technologies – the innovations are ongoing. The market is shifting from one filled with files of handwritten paperwork, to a digital format that’s more accessible.

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As this happens, it’s become especially important for hospitals and healthcare providers to utilize new tools to support growth.
In fact, research predicts the global healthcare BI market will reach $7.07B by 2021. While there is plenty of room for growth, factors such as security of data and regulatory compliance continue to plague the industry.
In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the ways data analytics is being used in the healthcare market to drive change and improve business productivity while boosting customer satisfaction.

The Emergence of Data Analytics in Healthcare

Thanks to data analytics, we’ve seen vast improvements in the shareable information that providers create today. What was once just accessible to one physician is now a network of intelligent data that can be leveraged by various clinicians and used for analysis and decision making.
As competition in the market heats up, improvements to the healthcare system also means greater treatment options will be available to the masses – something the U.S. healthcare system has been struggling to achieve for some time.

New Technologies Continue to Disrupt the Industry

New technologies to meet these demands are being introduced to bridge the gap in healthcare BI. Mobile devices, apps and web solutions that work with one another are allowing providers to create a source of reliable information and data that transforms the future of the market. For example, connected devices that store data about heart rates, steps taken, and other health vitals provide critical insights that are leading to improved care.
That’s just one of the many ways change is occurring today.
Technologies like video conferencing solutions are breaking geographical barriers as well. Making it possible for people to get treatment for ailments via telemedicine – which reduces costly in-office visits and follow-ups.
Then there are mobile apps that can help with managing medical records or prescriptions and even tools that identify and extract trends that also lead to better treatment and diagnosis.

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