CIO Success Tips: Aligning IT and Business Strategies

Technology has found a permanent place in today’s business world. It’s powering everything from communications to the entire network a company is run on. As tech becomes the center of business operations, CIOs are having to shift their focus to align IT departments with business goals if they want to achieve digital success.

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In the past, departments were siloed. IT teams took care of tech and the rest of the company had its own agenda and goals. With the digital transformation happening this is no longer a sustainable approach. Instead, the need to work together and find ways to supplement each other’s contribution toward to company’s greater whole is the only way to succeed.
CIOs leading this charge are faced with challenges that can feel daunting. Here are tips for overcoming those challenges to achieve digital success and a look at how the team at VLink can make the process smooth and beneficial.

Understanding the Challenges

Some of the biggest challenges faced by IT teams today stem from the need to keep security at the forefront of everything a business does. The alarming rate at which cyber threats are emerging has executives on edge about new technologies and the responsibility in gaining end-user buy-in falls on the CIO. This is further compounded by a limited talent pool of IT professionals and the need to find new revenue streams to keep the company profitable. Even for those companies that have been tech-forward, there are issues with data overload and what do with all of the information being collected and processed and what innovations to peruse next.
These challenges must be addressed with a strategic approach. One that considers the pros and cons from both sides and creating an action plan that incorporates solutions that work best for the company as a whole.

Getting in Sync

Of course, not all issues can be solved by implementing new technologies. There needs to be a balance between new emerging tech and a truthful look at what is most beneficial for company specific needs. Some businesses don’t need pricey, involved systems to get work done effectively while others would have crippling outcomes without it. Taking the time to truly gain an understanding of what legacy applications need to be modernized and how the technologies in use can further enhance the customer’s experiences and offer productivity gains is a great place to start.

Partner with VLink

VLink partners with organizations to overcome the challenges they face. Whether you require help analyzing large amounts of data to extract actionable insights, need high-quality and secure applications, or are looking for recommendations on which technologies can support you through your digital transformation journey, we have the expertise and experience you need. We enhance the customer experience, optimize business processes and help your business become more agile.

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