Why CIOs and Business Leaders Should Consider Cloud Managed Services for Business Transformation?

As they prepare their businesses to thrive in the era of technology, CIOs and business leaders are adopting new business transformation strategies to optimize their application delivery and support business goals for agility, speed, and innovation by deploying managed cloud service providers in public and private cloud environments.

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Why? You may ask. Well, let’s find out!


What are cloud-managed services?

Managed cloud services refer to complete or partial outsourcing of daily IT management for cloud-based services and technical support to automate business operations.

Often, companies hire a third-party cloud managed services provider to manage their cloud-based environment, cloud computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, etc using cloud management platforms. 

This works like a partnership, where the business employs oversight capabilities to ensure that aligned goals are met and the provider contributes cloud technology, expertise, and infrastructure. 


Is Opting for Cloud the Best Decision for Your Business?

With the rapid development of technology and the increasing complexity of data centers, maintaining productivity has become a new challenge.

Therefore, it’s significant to have a business transformation methodology to scale up, with clear milestones and implementation objectives. 


This is where cloud computing comes into play! 


  1. Cloud offers better insight. In a world of structured and unstructured data, cloud data management helps businesses target customers and product opportunities more effectively. 
  2. Cloud assists collaboration. Cloud allows teams to work from multiple devices and from anywhere, making it easier to collaborate on shared data.
  3. One of the top reasons companies choose to migrate to cloud is because it improves the speed of IT service delivery. Most leading businesses are migrating to the cloud for more rapid innovation in products and services


What are the Benefits of Cloud Transformation?


The process of moving your business to the cloud is commonly known as cloud transformation. Although it is a relatively recent technological development for businesses, interest in the same continues to grow. 

In fact, cloud transformation is growing at a rapid pace: In 2020, the global cloud service market reached $266 billion.

Cloud transformation has a great number of benefits:

  • Storage 

With cloud storage management, businesses will no longer require software programs for file storage and data backup taking up space since most of the data would be stored in remote cloud servers. 

  • Cost-effective

Cost is another great reason to switch to a cloud-based business transformation framework. It not only removes the need to buy, install and upgrade pricey software but also prevents over-staffing.

According to IDG, cloud transformation can reduce IT costs by 25%, resulting in fewer IT staffing requirements and better ROI.  

  • Delivers a competitive edge

Cloud transformation keeps your business from becoming obsolete. It not only provides a competitive edge against other companies because you’re adapting to changes more rapidly, but it also protects your organization from market threats. 

  • Improved efficiency

Businesses that have shifted to cloud management platforms are shown to release new capabilities 20-40% faster than those that don’t, as stated by McKinsey

  • Fault Resilient

Moving to the cloud eliminates redundancy and susceptibility to outages. Thus, cloud transformation not only adds reliability to the business but maintains the availability of data and information. 

What Is Included in Managed IT Services?

Managed It services involve proactive maintenance and monitoring along with priority user support and device management, to keep IT systems operating at peak performance.

With Managed IT services you get everything, you’d expect from an in-house IT department – but at a much lower price. 

You can focus on business while your managed IT service offers:

  • Security and compliance by providing stringent mechanisms against hacking, ransomware, and data theft.
  • Provides in house administrative solutions using risk management, lead management, and project management. 
  • Offers robust networking and infrastructure solutions for teams to collaborate without any issues. 
  • Allows businesses to increase their productivity by offering timely professional and help desk support services.

Choosing the Right Cloud Managed Service Provider

Not every managed cloud service provider is alike. Choosing the right one will help maximize your ROI and drive customer success.

At VLink, we consider your success our success.  When you choose us as your cloud managed services provider, we will deliver high-quality customer care and optimized resources to meet your business’ needs and goals.

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