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Comparison Guide Global Offshore Software Developer Rates by Country in 2022-23
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Planning to partner with an offshore software development company? You might want to know today’s rates of experienced offshore software developers by country. Here is a brief outline of offshore software development rates across different regions to help you in the selection of the right-fit software development provider.

The Average Cost of Software Development Services

Offshore outsourcing allows you to choose from global tech talents. Also, it saves costs by delegating your software development process to the most suitable overseas team. To make the most of your outsourcing effort, it’s important to know that software development costs vary from country to country. 

Moreover, these rates can change based on the experience/rank of the professionals, the tech stack offered, and the platform used to hire offshore developers.

Region Average Salary (in $/hour)
North America $80
Western Europe $75
Eastern Europe $55
Latin America $55
Asia Pacific $28
Africa $31

Which Country Has the Highest Demand for Software Engineers and Developers?

Highest Demand for Software Engineers

A recent study shows that Canada has the highest demand for software development services compared to other countries. Many US companies have hired remote developers based out in Canada. This has raised the salary scale for these tech professionals even higher.

How Did Offshore Software Development Rates Change Over the Last Year?

Over the years, the pay scale for software development services has increased for almost all technologies and is expected to continue growing. These technologies include React Native, Python, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Java, NodeJS, and PHP. The compensation for these developers has increased by nearly 15% compared to last year.

Software Development Hourly Rates by Region in 2022-23

Software Development Hourly Rates

Here is a snapshot of developer rates in the US and Western European countries with the highest requirement for offshore software development. This will help us compare these rates against the offshore remote software developers’ rates in other countries.

  • Software Development Rates in North America and Western Europe

State Average Salary (in $/hour)
California $56.46
New York $54.54
Texas $44.78
Washington $58.01

In Canada, the average rates are around $35-$40/hr on an average for mid-to senior-level developers.

Here is the price guide to refer to when outsourcing custom software development in Western European countries:

Country Average Salary (in $/hour)
France $54
Germany $61
Netherlands $69
Sweden $52
United Kingdom $93
Region’s average $66
  • Offshore Developer’s Hourly Rate by Country in Asia

As a top digital nation, India is preferred for outsourcing software developers who provide highly cost-efficient options for outsourcing IT processes.

Country Average Salary (in $/hour)
Bangladesh $28
China $28
India $29
Malaysia $33
Nepal $28
Pakistan $25
Philippines $28
Sri Lanka $28
Region’s average $28

Offshore Software Development Rates in Latin America 

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Ukraine

       Software Development Rate in Ukraine

Outsourcing software development in Ukraine is more cost-effective than in Western Europe, Canada, and the US. You can hire software developers for $50 to $65 per hour. Although their outsourcing rates are still higher than in Asia and Latin America, the language and cultural compatibility make Ukraine a potent option for long-term outsourcing needs. 

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Poland

Software Development Rate in Poland

Among all the neighboring Western European countries, Poland is the cheapest to live and work in, with a 20–50% lower salary scale than that in Western Europe or the US. You can expect to find Polish senior custom software developers at $22 – $38 hourly salary rates depending on the technology required for your project.

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Belarus

Software Development Rate in Belarus

For an average hourly rate of $31, offshore software developers from Belarus involve less hiring costs his year than in the UK or the US software app developers. Also, the time zones are only a few hours apart between Belarus and Western Europe.

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Russia

Software Development Rate in Russia

Russia is among the top destinations in Eastern Europe for hiring offshore developers highly skilled in advanced programming. You can seal the deal with a Russian developer for an average hourly rate of $55.

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in the Czech Republic

 Software Development and Hourly Rate in the Czech Republic

You can find noticeable players in the Czech Republic providing high-end software development services for an average hourly rate of $38. The low staff attrition in the country’s emerging IT sector makes developers available for outsourcing partnerships.

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Romania

 Software Development and Hourly Rate in the Czech Republic

Outsourcing offshore software development from Romania can be done for an average hourly rate of $15 to $25. The country offers a huge talent pool with an outstanding education system producing more tech talent yearly.

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Brazil

Software Development and Hourly Rate in the Czech Republic

With over 400,000 software engineers, Brazil is among the leading software development outsourcing countries in Latin America and South America. The average hourly rate in Brazil is $44.

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Estonia

Software Development Hourly Rate in Estonia

Estonia’s Digital Strategy 2020 aims to make IT a leading sector of the country’s economy in the near future. Tallinn and Tartu are two main cities to find competent offshore software development companies for an average hourly rate of $23.

  • Offshore Software Development and Hourly Rate in Bulgaria

Software Development Hourly Rate in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is home to top-tier tech universities and advanced IT infrastructure. You can expect excellent professionalism when outsourcing your custom software development to Bulgarian developers for an average hourly rate of $38.

Tips to Hire Offshore Developers in 2023

Finding your way in a crowded global IT marketplace can be difficult. These tips will be handy to partner with world-class offshore software development companies successfully.

  • Start by clearly listing your requirements, like experience, technology stacks, personal skills, knowledge of different tools/frameworks, etc.
  • Evaluate core technical skills, such as the ability to write efficient codes in real time. Also, give the candidates real business cases to check their approach to a problem.
  • Go for culturally-compatible offshore software developers to ensure their work ethic and values are in sync with yours.
  • Focus on giving the top talent strong reasons to work for you if you want to attract and retain them.
  • Lastly, ensure two-sided conversations and exchange of ideas so that your candidate feels engaged and excited to work with you.


Hiring software developers at a reasonable remuneration scale in your region can be time-consuming, especially if you are in the US, UK, Western Europe, or Canada. Partnering with an offshore development team can be easy and save you unanticipated costs.

If you’re considering hiring remotely, VLink in India can meet your custom software development needs with high-quality deliverables and involves defining and achieving key targets at every step, from product engineering to QA and testing. For more information or project or contract IT staffing consultation, fill in the below contact form.

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