COVID-19 Brings Changes, New Focus to Enterprise Workforce

COVID-19 has rapidly taken the globe by storm. The novel virus has not only stopped commerce and public gatherings but also changed how many workforces operate. In the enterprise, remote work capabilities have become a requirement to maintain productivity. At a time when mandates to stay at home are being made, work from home policies is skyrocketing. 

Along with allowing teams to collaborate virtually, there are other changes happening for enterprises worth noting. Here is a closer look at how COVID-19 is changing the enterprise workplace and where the focus must remain.

Remote Work Goes Mainstream

Most businesses that can allow their employees to work from home must still offer support to those workers and ensure the network is up and running and can handle necessary functions for the day. IT leaders are now responsible for quickly provisioning collaboration tools and providing necessary training to employees who have not yet had to navigate virtual tools.

Even in the medical field, that has played a very important role during this pandemic; healthcare tech and solutions such as telemedicine are being used more and more for treatment, diagnosis and to care for patients with social distancing in mind.

Security is Still a Priority

Whether a business already has remote capabilities in place or is just implementing them, the need for security remains. Only now, IT resources are needed to manage various devices, to patch and secure endpoints and to ensure the business remains protected. This can be challenging without guidelines for employees to follow. Understanding when to use VPNs, the dangers of public Wi-Fi, how to spot phishing attacks – and more should be covered in detail as employees work from home.

How to Handle Hiring Needs

Even if an entirely remote team is working successfully from home and best practices are in place, the need to onboard new talent may arise, and doing that from afar also presents new challenges for enterprises. An increased probability of employees out sick in the near future, as well as growth occurring in industries such as tech, means a need to onboard talent will occur. When it does, enterprises need to be ready to conduct interviews and make a staffing selection all without traditional in-person meetings. Contract workers are one way to quickly onboard qualified staff. Working with an experienced consulting company that already screens talent and matches them with the required needs can be beneficial. 

VLink can help you to fill the gaps in your IT team during this challenging time. From contingent labor to full-time hires, we supply the digital talent that can help you to be successful. We are also strong in application development and maintenance, cloud, and information management services. digital transformation offers strategic IT consulting to help with your digital transformation and building a comprehensive IT strategy to meet your goals. 

March 6, 2021

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