DevOps: A New Pillar of Successful Healthcare Insurance Practices

DevOps implementation has already become a dominant business practice in high-tech firms and software companies, streamlining activity across departments and increasing developmental agility and the speed of implementation.

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Now, DevOps methodology is entering other industries and is poised to disrupt ingrained approaches to change management and create fundamental, incremental improvement.

DevOps in Healthcare Insurance

In the healthcare insurance industry, specifically, we are starting to see more and more case studies where DevOps tool chains have been able to increase deployment speed of features and information drastically.
Today’s insurance landscape is rapidly changing, and the paradigm is shifting from employers-as-clients to a focus on the individual customer. The need to adapt to moving targets in regulations, the inclusion of more individuals as end-users of systems and the general urgency and impact of healthcare decisions have cemented DevOps practices as a new pillar of successful healthcare insurance practices.
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