Discussing the Big Data Debate: Batch vs. Stream Processing

Real-time data is a hot topic today. The amount of critical business decisions that can be made by leveraging information as its happening, is changing the dynamics of many industries and accelerating time-to-innovation. 

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As more and more companies make the move from batch processing to stream processing, they are asking the same questions first: Which is better and why?
Let’s take a closer look.

What is Batch Processing

Gathering data for storage and analysis can be done using different methods – two primarily are used by companies. Batch processing is the traditional approach where data is grouped together after a period of time and sent along for processing in larger chunks. This is commonly referred to as a “window of data” and is a great method for instances where larger amounts of data must be processed or if there are legacy systems unable to offer real-time streaming of data for the analysis. When dealing with moving large amounts of data, however, there will be some productivity strains, mostly waiting for the uploading and downloading to complete. Still, it’s a great way to process data for operations where time-sensitive decisions are not the driving force.

Stream Processing & Real-time Benefits

Stream processing is the more attractive model upon first review by most companies because it can deliver actionable insights in a matter of milliseconds. Those seconds can easily translate into a major competitive advantage and many cases stop catastrophic events in their tracks. As pieces of data are fed into an analytics system bit by bit, streaming results and reactions to the outcomes can happen immediately.  For those applications where immediate response times are necessary, stream processing is the ultimate choice.

Find the Right Fit

Making a decision between batch processing and stream processing is specific to each organization’s needs. Taking an honest look at what your business objectives are and how you need data to work for you will help arrive at that decision. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, finding the best option for your business doesn’t have to be difficult.
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