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Now its easy to hire automation engineers after practically testing their skills. Cloud DevOps and automation service providers offer a 7-day risk-free trial to help you test experts before making a decision. Read on to find out a comprehensive guide to hire automation testers on a trial basis.  

Automation is like fuel for automobiles in the most modern industries. The majority of industries, including healthcare, retail, insurance, e-commerce, and more, rely heavily on automation and industrial software development.  

Companies invest a whole heap to hire test automation engineers. The global automation market reports project the growth of the automation industry at a CAGR of 8.2%. Simply put, the automation market size was estimated to be USD 147.9 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 218.8 billion by 2027. Additionally, IT recruitment agencies now allow businesses to hire automation experts on a 7 days risk-free trial to empower businesses. But why? How can automation testers help your business? Let us find out in this detailed guide!  global automation market reports

What Does an Automation Engineer Do?  

Automation engineers create, test, and deploy software tools or systems to automate technical business operations. Projects can be as basic as automating user data entry into a spreadsheet or as advanced as controlling the movements of industrial robots used in manufacturing. Automation experts are part of an engineering or IT team. Companies can hire automation engineers on a temporary or full-time basis. These developers either report to a senior test automation engineer or to an automation architect and lead automation engineer.  

It is critical for companies to hire automation testers, as they assist in maintaining efficient technological systems or processes. They enable companies to eliminate manual tasks and save on resources, time, and money.  

Services Available When You Hire an Automation Engineer 

Companies can anticipate the following services when they hire automation experts:  

  • Automated Functional Testing  

The automated functional testing method is an approach in which automation engineers examine an application’s behavior, or more specifically, how it interacts with users and the system as a whole. Functional testing needs a dedicated team of automation testers for a successful implementation. Companies can hire test automation engineers from automation and engineering service providers. This will not only help businesses hire developers, but will also enable them to save on recruiting costs.  

  • Automated Integration Testing 

Automation integration testing is critical to ensuring that all the components of an application are working together correctly. This approach is generally used to monitor the impact of the changes and improve regression testing.  

There are six popular types of integration testing, including the big bang method, bottom-up method, hybrid testing method, incremental approach, stubs and drivers, and top-down approach. When you hire automation engineer, make sure that you assess their skillset to know if they have experience in these types of integration testing.  

  • Automated Performance Testing 

Automated performance testing is the next step that automation experts take after running the tests manually. The performance tests can be run more frequently and can be considered daily KPIs for automation testers. Automated performance testing enables you to analyze the speed, response time, reliability, scalability, and resource usage in the case of excessive workload.  

  • Automated Compatibility Testing 

Automated compatibility testing examines and distinguishes functionality across multiple browsers, devices, platforms, and operating systems to identify potential discrepancies. Compatibility testing ensures that your product/software works properly in its intended environment. Though there are many compatibility testing tools, some of the most commonly used include Lambda Test, BrowserStack, Browse EMAII, and TestingBot. Thus, it is critical for businesses to hire test automation engineers with a strong knowledge of these tools.  

  • Automated Software Security Assurance 

Automated software protection is an easy method to automatically add copy protection to the software without modifying the source code. Your software will automatically receive a code that encrypts it with a security key and locks it to a license. Thus, automated software security assurance services identify and mitigate the risk of security threats throughout the software. Businesses can boost performance with cloud devops automation. For effective automated software monitoring and automation services, businesses must hire automation testers with relevant experience.  

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Automation Engineer?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Automation Engineer

Let’s talk the truth: Whether it is a business investment or personal financing, we always look for an opportunity that can yield the best returns. Isn’t it? Therefore, it makes sense to consider the advantages of hiring an automation engineer for your company. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an automation expert:  

  • Faster Software Delivery:  

Cloud DevOps and automation services optimize software delivery processes. This helps businesses reduce their manual efforts and stay ahead of the competition in the market.  

  • Improved Efficiency:  

Companies can hire automation experts to automate their repetitive tasks and processes. This will not only help businesses save time but also enable them to focus on more critical tasks.  

  • Increased Scalability:  

Companies can easily scale systems and applications by automating infrastructure management and deployment processes. Whether you are in telecom or the healthcare industry, automation can optimize your business operations.  

  • Enhanced Reliability:  

Human mistakes are common! But you can mitigate the risk of manual errors in the software delivery by automating the processes, which results in improved delivery. However, ensure that you hire automation engineer with a strong skillset.  

  • Boosts Collaboration:  

Automation and DevOps improve communication between the development and operations teams. Thus, swift and efficient team coordination would help improve workforce efficiency.  

Industries that Prominently Hire Automation Engineers

Industries that Prominently Hire Automation EngineersAutomation, in simple terms, refers to “reducing human assistance.” Industries that indulge in repetitive tasks can take advantage of cloud devops automation services. Some of these industries are as follows:  

  • Healthcare Industry 

Repetitive tasks such as creating invoices, setting up appointments, and digitizing patient records can be optimized through automation.  

  • Retail Industry 

Retail businesses can improve the customer experience and overall business growth by automating sales analytics and in-store planning. 

  • Manufacturing Industry 

Businesses frequently struggle to manage their backend operations. When you hire automation engineer, you can automate end-to-end inventory and payment processing management.  

  • Insurance Industry 

Insurance sector companies can reduce their overall costs by up to 50% by automating internal processing, front line communication, and policyholders’ claim processing.  

  • Banking And Finance Industry 

If companies hire automation testers, they can eliminate human error completely and expedite turnaround times for various processes, including loan repayment schedules and KYC.  

  • Travel And Tourism  

Companies can hire an automation expert to automate time consuming processes such as new holiday destination suggestions, client communication, discounts, and more.  

Step-By-Step Process to Hire Automation Engineer For 7 Days Risk-Free Trial  

Consider a situation where you recruit a costly resource based on the interview. But you notice that the concerned person does not possess the skillset you were looking for. What will happen? You will end up killing outsourcing costs and the time and energy of your recruitment team. Isn’t it? So, companies like VLink offer IT staff and augmentation services for a 7 days risk-free trial. An organization can hire a test automation engineer for one week to test their working patterns, skills, and practical experience.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide to hire automation engineer for a 7 days risk-free trial:  

  • Compare and shortlist the best automation specialist from the pool of applicants.  
  • Deploy the engineer on the project for one week to test their skills.  
  • Do a performance analysis of the shortlisted candidate after the completion of 7 days free-trial. 
  • Positive or negative, whatever the case may be, share the feedback of the candidate with cloud devOps and automation service providers.  
  • If you are okay with hiring the chosen automation expert, an outsourcing agency will extend the contract with the applicant. However, in the case of dissatisfaction, the recruitment agency will send the other candidates for one week risk-free trial.  

Commonly Used Pricing Models To Hire Automation Engineers 

Recruitment agencies offer a range of engagement models to hire freelance test automation engineers. Some of these commonly used pricing models include:  

  • Monthly-Based Engagement Model 

With this type of IT staff augmentation pricing model, companies can hire automation experts for up to 160 hours a month. Additionally, companies can use their own approaches to manage a dedicated team of professionals and know the project status in real-time. The model demands that an organization pay in monthly billing cycles.  

  • Hourly-Based Engagement Model 

Businesses can reduce expenses by using hourly-based engagement models, which charge for the work an engineer completes in a specific number of hours. Companies can hire automation testers through outsourcing agencies to enjoy the flexibility of adding and revoking hours based on the project requirements. In this type of pricing model, companies can get real-time task and project status updates with a timesheet.  

  • Fixed-Cost Project Model 

This type of engagement model allows companies to hire automation engineers at a fixed cost, which is decided before the hiring of a dedicated team. It is an ideal approach when companies want to extend their existing team and reduce their recruiting costs. Additionally, this approach is suitable for hiring test automation engineers on a long-term basis.  


Skills To Consider When You Hire Automation Engineers 

Just like any other IT specialist, an automation specialist needs a certain set of abilities. They must have specific technical and soft skills to build and maintain automation processes efficiently. Here’s a list of hard and soft skills that businesses must consider when hiring automation engineers.  

Technical Skills 

Proficiency in programming and scripting languages, such as #, Java, JavaScript, and Python.  

  • Strong knowledge of automation software and testing.  
  • Familiarity with mechanical systems and operations.  
  • Understanding of robotics and robot programming.  
  • Knowledge of machine learning applications and artificial intelligence.  
  • Understanding of cloud computing databases and technologies.  
  • Strong knowledge of CI/CD flows and pipeline tools. 

Soft Skills 

  • Time management skills 
  • Adaptibility skills 
  • Critical thinking skills 
  • Team management skills 
  • Problem-solving skills  
  • Communication skills 

Best Practices To Follow When You Hire Automation Engineers

Industries that Prominently Hire Automation EngineersYou need to consider a few things before hiring an automation specialist. Given below are some of these points: 

  • Determine Your Business Needs 

Imagine a scenario where a dedicated team of three automation engineers would suffice, but you hire automation experts more than this number. What would happen? It will not only boost business expenses but also reduce employees’ productivity. Therefore, regardless of the employment type, ensure that you determine your business needs in advance when you hire automation testers.  

  • Specify Your Budget in Advance 

A blueprint for a hiring budget can help businesses make informed hiring decisions. For example, let us say a shortlisted candidate impresses you with their skill set but demands significant pay increases. A budget-planning will help you know the maximum amount you can negotiate to meet the applicant's expectations. Likewise, when you hire automation expert from an IT staffing and augmentation company, compare the quotes of different companies to choose the one that fits your budget. 

  • Consider Skills Over Experience 

Usually, companies notice the employment background when they hire automation engineers. Even though professional experience is important for an employee's development, freshmen may occasionally turn out to be the best fit. So, it is suggestive to interview the candidates thoroughly to understand their knowledge of automation.  

  • Choose Temporary Over Permanent Expert  

It can be very expensive for your company to hire skilled and competent automation specialists. According to the reports, the yearly salaries for junior, middle, and senior developers are $93,000, $199,000, and $193,000, respectively. Thus, it can cost an arm and a leg for your business.  

Companies can combat this challenge and hire test automation engineers through an outsourcing agency. They have different pricing models to help businesses save on recruitment costs. Additionally, outsourcing developers to a recruitment agency will give you the flexibility to hire automation testers for a temporary period.  


Why Should You Hire Automation Engineers From VLink?  

When it comes to choosing a dedicated team of automation experts, businesses must exercise caution. VLink is among the top providers of IT staffing and augmentation services. Our pool of skilled automation engineers can assist you in achieving your intended business objectives. With a 98% customer satisfaction rate and over 17 years of experience, we stand out as the most prominent recruitment agency.  

What’s more? We at VLink empower businesses by providing a 7 days risk-free trial of engineers. What does that mean? You can simply shortlist the candidate and practically test their skills for one week. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now to hire automation engineer and scale up your business operations.  

Frequently Asked Questions
What work does an engineer in automation do?

The job of an automation engineer is to create, develop, and implement automated solutions that increase the efficiency of software testing procedures. These individuals work with other team members to guarantee the delivery of high-quality software, develop and run automated test cases, and find and report bugs. 

Why do outsourcing companies offer risk-free trials for businesses?

IT staff and augmentation companies like VLink offer risk-free trials to enable businesses to analyze the skills of an automation engineer. When customers have a good experience during a trial period, they are more likely to stick around and make a purchase.

What are the commonly used tools for automation testing?

The most common automation testing tools include Appium, Selenium, Cypress, Espresso, Quantum, Playwright, and XCUITest. When you hire automation engineer, ensure that he has a strong knowledge of these automation tools and technologies. 

What are the deliverables of the automation engineers?

The deliverables of the automation engineers include test cases, test plans, bug reports, test results, test logs, test summaries, user documentation, and release notes.  

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