How Managed Enterprise Mobility Services Enhance Data Security & Productivity for Your Business

In today’s data-driven business environment, enterprise mobility has become integral to day-to-day operations. The modern workforce is now location-independent, working remotely from a variety of personal devices to accomplish their daily tasks. However, convenience comes at a price as now enterprises must look for a one-stop solution to ward off the security threats looming on these devices.

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The question of security and the cost-effectiveness of mobile initiatives plagues businesses, as most lack experience in mobility management. Not to mention that bringing the management efforts and support tools together can be quite a challenge. All of this brings managed mobility services (MMS) from an experienced third-party provider into the spotlight.

What Are Managed Mobility Services?

Managed mobility services focus on making enterprises mobility-equipped, which involves the procurement of the entire mobile device fleet and deploying them by configuring goal-specific business apps, content, and tools. Once done, the provider manages these devices and the software, data, or applications throughout the device lifecycle, ensuring security.

Managed mobility services providers can simplify device management (even for the most diverse inventory) for your IT Service Partner team and can help you to:

●   Bring your workforce working remotely or at the frontline in the enterprise loop

●   Establish a frictionless communication system to keep your workforce connected and productive

●   Collaborate documents, databases, critical resources beyond sharing over on-premises systems.

Why Are Managed Mobility Services Important?


A study by Blue Hill Research estimates that enterprise mobility management solutions can deliver a three-year ROI of 184%. It indicated that outsourced mobility services cost less than setting up an in-house mobile operations management system or, worse,  overseeing those tasks in an unmanaged environment.

From contract negotiations and planning to deployment and retirement of your mobile devices fleet, a bespoke Mobile Management Solutions (MMS) provider serves as a single point of contact across all these stages of your mobility lifecycle. Delegating your MMS needs to a third-party provider would also mean that they perform day-to-day activities like interacting with carriers and end-users while ensuring compliance with corporate guidelines and enforcement of mobile policies.

What Managed Mobility Service Providers Offer to Your Company?

You can be confident that your mobile device program is well cared for by suggesting reasonable plans that suit your usage, negotiating with carriers under a single-pane-of-glass service experience. The source, deploy and configure devices while ensuring that your designated employees get to work with the most current software.

The most prominent and valuable role of an MMS provider is help desk support. This helps your IT team to focus on other IT challenges as the MMS provider manages troubleshooting for simple to complex requirements.

Reasons of Increased Demand of Managed Mobility Services?

The global managed mobility services market is growing rapidly. The increasing use of mobile devices in enterprises and the robust adoption of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) strategies are forcing enterprises to create and manage mobile-supportive environments – a unified approach that is giving rise to a new set of IT complexities.

Moreover, such mobility-induced transformation in the enterprises is rendering the traditional strategy of provisioning segregated services obsolete,  mainly due to inflated costs. Enterprises look for bundled services to manage entire mobility deployments at one station. Optimized resource utilization, increased productivity and engagement of the mobile workforce, increased collaboration, and other benefits are boosting the demand for MMS and opportunities in this sector.


At VLink, we empower businesses with a tailored Managed Mobility Services (MMS) solution and complementary digital tools added to the package to maximize efficiency at all levels. Drawing on our 15+ years of experience, we offer a simple, secure, and prompt way for start-ups, medium-scale businesses, and large enterprises to manage their mobile devices through one scalable product.

If you are looking to outsource your mobility goals to a reliable managed mobility services provider, book a consultation with us. Let us show you how we can improve your business’ operational efficiency and, at the same time, save you money.

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