How to Find & Hire Fintech App Developers

If you’ve ever thought of starting a FinTech business, it’s a great time to do it. According to reports, the finance industry is expected to reach $174 bn in 2023.  

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How to find & hire fintech app developers

An experienced fintech app developer can help you to implement innovations and remain competitive in the finance industry. Demand for financial programmers is growing rapidly for different fintech app development services, from mobile banking to digital wallets to crypto wallets.  

The market is filled with many fake & inexperienced developers that can destroy your company’s reputation. So, hire highly skilled & certified fintech app developers for your project!  

In this blog, you will learn some essential things to consider when finding & hiring experienced finance developers.  

 Table of Content: -

1. Things to consider when hiring a FinTech app developer 

  • Programming language required for FinTech 
  • Skills FinTech Developers Must Have 
  • Relevant Experience 
  • Previous Customer Reviews 

2. The Final Thought! 

Things to Consider When Hiring a FinTech App Developer 

Before hiring a fintech programmer, ask yourself a few questions.  

  • What level of superiority are you looking for? Middle or senior experts? 
  • What skills and experience should your programmers have? 
  • What’s your budget for hiring fintech developers? 

Having answers to all these queries will help you clearly understand the ideal developers in the finance sector that you need.  

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Now, let's dive into the most important things you should consider when hiring programmers to build secure & effective fintech software.  

Programming Language Required for FinTech App 

Go for a developer with the programming language required for creating a user-friendly & secure finance app.  

Usually, product development is divided into two parts: frontend and backend.  

For frontend development, you should pay attention to professionals who know HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Python, jQuery, React.js, and Vue. 

For backend development, you should hire fintech app developers with PHP, C++, Node.js, Scala and other languages.  

For the database and cloud services, they must use  

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and IBM Cloud 

Skills FinTech Developers Must Have 
 Skills Fintech app developers must have

Now, let’s explore some of the in-demand skills for fintech developers.  

Hard Technical Skills 

Some hard technical skills experienced finance developers should possess: 

  • Blockchain  
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)  
  • Cybersecurity expertise  
  • Big Data & Deep Learning 
  • Data Analytics 

Soft Skills

Besides having tech skills, developers must have the necessary business skill set. Here are some soft skills you should look for in potential fintech expertise. 

  • Communication Skills & Teamwork 
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Agility & Flexibility 
  • Problem-Solving 
  • Self-Organization 
  • Stress-Resistance 

Relevant Experience 

If you’re looking for a dedicated fintech team that meets your expectations and project goals, ensure they have relevant experience in the same field. 

Your fintech team must have the following: 

  • Previous work experience in fintech/banking 
  • Expertise in development based on relational DB (SQL) 
  • Knowledge about AWS Data technologies 
  • Extensive experience using JS frameworks

Previous Customer Reviews 

To hire the right financial software developers for your project, you must check their previous work and read their previous customers’ reviews. For that, you can follow some steps, including; 

  • Look for sections such as customer testimonials or case studies 
  • Check their online reviews on sites such as Clutch, Upwork, and Glassdoor 
  • Find developer's professional profile on LinkedIn 
  • Check the developer's portfolios and make sure they have published case studies of their work 
  • Take note of any red flags related to the professional's work quality or behaviour 

The Final Thought! 

You may find the right software developers for your fintech business by considering these things. However, it's frequently challenging to hire fintech developers due to the lack of professionals, high costs onshore, or regulatory restrictions. That’s where VLink comes in!  

We have a dedicated team of developers that can turn your fintech app idea into reality. Our professionals have expertise in delivering several types of digital financial products. From digital banking to insurance and crypto projects to micro-investing apps, they have delivered many successful financial projects to our clients.  

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