Interactive iOS App Development Trends to Build Smarter, Faster and More Secure Apps

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Every January, Apple releases statistics that trace the laudable performance of App Store and iOS apps. 

  • The App Store hosts over 2.2M apps.
  • Nearly 2,540 apps enter the App Store every day.
  • The customer spending in the App Store was estimated at $72.3 billion by 2020, which included subscriptions, in-app purchases, and premium apps.

These statistics show the iPhone’s impressive reach and penetration in the smartphone market. iOS mobile apps have a reputation for their high-quality standards and generating more revenue than Android. Both big brands and start-ups are attracted to iOS app development so as to achieve their diverse business goals and receive a more significant ROI.

iOS App Development: Most Popular iOS App Development Technology and Trends

ATS for Increased App Security

User data safety and security have been an overriding concern for businesses and thus for iOS developers. The latest iOS 14 allows programmers and developers to wield the power of ATS (App Transport Security) in mobile app development to keep the app environment and the user’s network secure.

AR and VR Application

 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, are enabling developers to deliver a more enriched user experience through real-time, intuitive applications. Apps like IKEA have marked the beginning of this trend by implementing the AR-VR duo to provide unique app features and a better experience for consumers. Other inspiring AR-VR-powered apps include Houzz, Dance Reality, and Pokémon Go.

Cloud-Integrated iOS Apps

Cloud integration in iOS app development and creation will make the process simpler, faster, and more efficient for iOS developers and improve time-to-market for applications. Leveraging the cloud reduces costs, secures data storage, and makes it easy to scale mobile applications to meet evolving business needs.

Implementing Swift 5 by Apple

The release of a new programming language called Swift 5 by Apple is becoming a preferred language for building iOS, Mac apps, and Wearable OS apps and for upgrading their subsequent versions. The developers will need to create new Swift libraries to work with for building and upgrading apps. This trend will lead to applications that are easier to build, smaller, and more compact.

iBeacon Technology

An amazing innovation from Apple, iBeacon Technology enables mobile applications to catch signals from beacons nearby and conduct a certain action. For example, if a potential buyer passes by your establishment, the iBeacon sensors in the app will be triggered and notify the user about new and exciting deals about products, which they may be interested in.

Mobile Applications Make the World Cohesive

Unlike any other platform, a mobile application is able to pull in more information on users’ behavior and their profile data. A well-developed iOS app works inside your ecosystem and empowers its components, like the website and marketing initiatives. It addresses problems, fills gaps, and establishes seamless connections with your other channels. To this end, mobile developers should aim to blur the gap between mobile app experience and in-store/website experience. 

Mobile devices are the preferred medium of communication for customers and an alternative to in-person interactions in the current pandemic scenario. Hence, developers need to create multiple integration points to offer features like appointment scheduling and live chat to deliver a cohesive experience on the app throughout their customer journey. 

iOS Domination in the US market 

Statistics show that Apple’s iOS is more popular in countries like the US than Google’s Android, and iOS holds a market share of 60%. The kind of audience iOS attracts is quite different from that of Android. Although Android holds a larger market share, Apple receives a much higher customer spending on applications as users are more engaged with their devices, spending time on apps and making in-app purchases. 

The key to making an Android-vs-iOS decision is to consider the demographic and geographic characteristics of your target audience. If you’re looking to build an enterprise app or eCommerce app or if you’re aiming to capture an audience across Western Europe or North America, Apple may be a better option.

Benefits of iPhone App Development for Your Business

  1. The best iPhone app development platform accommodates all business needs. It can help you promote a revolutionary product, provide on-demand services, and sell multiple products on a user-friendly eCommerce store.
  2. iPhone app development is for you if you want to address a niche audience, like high-income earners or US and UK customers.
  3. Apple ensures enterprise data security. iOS apps are built in a closed network and don’t allow anyone to make changes externally. With an offshore app development company, you can overcome challenges like security breaches with a secure authentication process for Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), data encryption, aggressive testing, app scalability, and more.
  4. Vulnerability threats and malware can also damage the trust of your audience. An iPhone app is required to pass high-quality standards before it is launched on the App Store and reaches your audience. This builds a brand reputation as your target audience gets a secure app to use. 
  5. Businesses aiming to improve their current market position must think about reaching iPhone users in developed countries, like the US and UK. An iPhone app is a smart way to strengthen business presence in such countries.
  6. Although individual preferences may vary, most will agree that iOS has the most efficient operating system that creates unbeatable user experiences. A mobile application delivers a refined experience when combined with the existing features of iOS like multitasking, user interface, and seamless movement from one app to another.

Choose the Right iPhone or iOS App Development Company

  1. Past project portfolio

A valuable experience in building iOS applications for diverse industries can attest to their ability to understand and meet clients’ business goals efficiently. When analyzing their portfolio, also observe the quality and effectiveness in creating custom iPhone applications.

  1. Accessibility and rapport

It is important that you’re able to establish a good rapport with your offshore app development company. You should be able to communicate clearly and effectively from the first point of interaction to the launch of your iPhone application in the app store. This will ensure that you present your thoughts, ideas, and expectations with utmost clarity and get your app developer’s inputs and recommendations.

  1. The value offered to customers

Before you embark upon your IOS app development project, you need to ascertain how customer-oriented your mobile app development company is. An effortless way to gather this understanding is by checking out their website blogs and social media channels, showing you how willing they are to share knowledge and expertise with their target audience.

  1. Quote and cost-effectiveness

iPhone app development cost is a big concern for most businesses. However, an experienced company offers competitive quotes for even custom application needs. These companies deliver high-functioning apps at a budget-friendly price. However, it is important to remember that delivering a great user experience to your customers is your biggest priority. To that end, never compromise on quality for low-cost services.


The future of iOS app development looks quite promising considering the upcoming trends and the many benefits iOS has in store for businesses. If you are considering a mobile app to enhance customer experience, increase sales and engagement, or achieve any other business goal, VLink can help you launch a winning iOS app. 

We are an offshore app development company that aims to help businesses get the best out of their iPhone app development investment with scalable benefits and a well-rounded mobile strategy. We have a rich talent pool of experienced developers who can embed your corporate strategy into an app software that works wonderfully for your target business functions. Contact the VLink team to schedule a consultation today and find out the cost of iPhone App Development.

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